Wednesday, 16 August 2017

My delivery experience rience in Hospital Sg Buloh

Alhamdulillah! I have delivered a healthy heavy baby boy on the 07/08/2017 at 13:47 with a whooping weight of 4.65kg under c-section (due to the weight of the baby). And we named him Arkan Mikhael Hazer.

So, basically this post is to ask all of the readers out there (which i know i dont have many) , to share my experience of my delivery at a government hospital, Sg Buloh which i personally chose as the hospital of my choice due to reasons being close to home, and wanting a "normal delivery"- which rumor has it most private hospitals will always opt for c-secrion, and of course  the main factor, cost savy! Hey!!!! I pay taxes and this is when i claim my rightfully paid money.

At first, i was indeed impressed with the facilities as it was airconditioned, clean, with friendly nurses and doctors. I was feeling all confident and was taken by surprise at how people always look down on government hospital. Trust me! It is good. Very indeed. However, would I recommend a government hospital to future moms? NO! And this is why i need everyones help to repost or spread this as far as it can go so changes  can happen.

After my delivery, i was in so much pain. I cant explain the amount of pain i was having. Moms out there would be able to understand what i mean. I was drowsy from my buse since i had an emergency c-section. The first night was not too bad as i cant recall anything as I mentioned i was drowsy and high.

At 6am next morning, i saw my baby being rolled in next to me by the nurse and she left my baby there for me. At 6.15am another nurse came in and removed my urine bag attached to me and told me to go to the toilet and clean myself up immediately but to do it later on if i still feel drowsy. I tried getting up. I couldnt. So i lay back in bed looking at my beautiful baby. And suddenly he started to cry. I panicked. How am i gonna get up and get him, i tried! It hurts too much to even stand. And plus my drowsiness. He cried even louder louder louder and i just panicked. The kind roommate opposite my bed came over (she was pending for her c-section in a couple of days) and lifted my baby and brought to my bed for me to feed. Then i realized i was bleeding on the bed heavily. I had not put on any sanitary pad. As i could not walk to the bathroom as ordered by the nurse.

I told the kind lady if she could watch him while i went to the  bathroom to clean myself. I forced myself up,walked in drowsiness. Cleaned myself up. Removed the bedsheets. Sat back in bed, took my baby from her and fed him. Inside i was crying with pain and agony. He slept. I got up with struggle due to the pain from my stiches. And lifted myslef to his bed and placed him down gently and walked back to my bed and lifted myself up on the bed. Oh what pain it was.

Basically, i was there 3 days and all days i had to do it all alone. Apparently, spouses are not allowed to assist wives during the day. Only during visiting hours. This is where i wish to get the message across.

Women go through 9 months of pregnancy, and endure all the pain alone! They go through the labour, the delivery, the cutting, the stiching etc. The least the apouse can do is assist the wive when the baby arrives. But with the stupid absurd rule in government hospitals where no one is allowed unless  during visiting hours which are 12.30-2pm and 4.30-7.30pm, does not bring much help to the woman who are in terrible pain and in desperate need of help.

This rule should be abolished. Spouse or at least one parent should be allowed to stay all day from maybe 8am to 10pm with their wives or child who is clearly not capable of doing all on their own that fast. What is the government trying to say? Women should do everything on their own? And the men come and go as visitors? I literally cried every day there. In pain and suffer. I needed help in carrying the baby , in someone passing me the baby when he wanted milk. To put him back in his crib. For someone to look after him when i need to use the bathroom.

That's what our spouse should be doing. Not be coming by as visitors!!!! This is bull load of crap! Women have to do it all? To the government hospitals in Malaysia and to this silly rule you have, please do something about it. This is not the right way! Men should be as equally responsible as the ladies when she had just given him a baby. No one is suggesting for you to allow spouses to stay overnight! But allow spouses to come and go in the day as they please until a certain maximum time limit of the night.

Please help me spread this so we can create awareness in this matter. I faced it all alone and as for a first time mother, i would like to say this is not how we should educate the future men.

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