Friday, 31 March 2017

Chapter 2 : The 2nd House From the Left (Part 1)

It was the day after our reception. Fresh from a goodnights rest, with pleased tummies after a magnificent buffet spread at the hotel, we happily checked out the honeymoon suite and headed to our new crib we would call home, where new memories would be created.  I still remember the day we pulled up to the porch in our cute lil ride. Unloading our luggage from the hotel. We stood at the entrance grinning from one end to the other looking at each other, ready to embark on this new journey as newlyweds. You see, we have been in a relationship for 6 years before we tied the knot. Imagine the enthusiasm  we felt to take this new journey as Mr. & Mrs.  Unlocking the door , we gave out a loud call of  “Assalamualaikum” as we stepped into our home, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

The house was huge, with no furniture. We haven’t managed to furnish the place up. So on day 1, we decided to just unpack our wardrobes (which thankfully was already built in), and chill with some music and rest out before we started our full day for furniture hunting the next. We had fun giggling, joking, chatting away about what we should buy and the arrangements, arguing on certain” rules” and regulations we set, and discussing on our hopes and dreams and goals for the future together. It was spectacular. Just him and me, on the hard marble floor, with junk food surrounding us, on a beautiful evening. This was how it was going to be for a while now. Him and me. *beam

It was the first night in this huge house. All alone with Ikhwan. With no bed. We only had my super single mattress which we dragged into the dining area since it was the only place that we felt not so open spaced. Safe. We were not ready to sleep upstairs just yet.  To be honest, deep down inside, I was extremely afraid to spend our first night there. Let me introduce the house to you.

It has been abandoned for the past 5 years. A massive bungalow with 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, 2 large kitchen areas, dining area and of course, the living room. Surrounded by gardens, circling the entire property. Yes! Everyone else thought the same. Just the two of us? In there? We got that a lot. But what you don’t know was, this place was no ordinary place. It was said by the neighbors to be a house with bizarre noises during the nights. Ikhwan & I were aware of the situation but somehow, we just fell in love with it and of course was not afraid of the “spookiness”. Also, this gorgeous property belonged to one of Ikhwan's uncle who gave us an extremely irresistible price to rent. How could we pass it up? But..... Now that I am writing this, it has got me wondering, “what the hell were we thinking!!!”

The first “incident” that took place in that house was just 3 days after we moved in. On the day of our house warming party. There were 2 rooms on the second floor which were locked from the inside. A joining room. We had the keys. However, strangely, it couldn’t be unlocked. Some might say scientifically, the lock must have rusted out or whatever, the assumptions are. So we called a handyman who is mom’s regular. He came over to break the lock out. Obviously, I stood and waited for it to be done as the master bedroom was just opposite the other joining rooms.

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang* finally the one door on the left opened. So instead of breaking the other door lock, the handyman walked into the room to unlock the other through the joining bathroom. Darn it! That was locked too. He started working on the other door. All that crossed my mind was the unnecessary money we would spend now to fix the other door knob. *LOL* . So again he banged the doorknob for it to open. *WOOOSH*  I felt a rush of really hot air across my face as he swung that door open. I almost fell down as the hot air somehow made me weak. The handyman turned over to me and asked if I was okay and I nodded and headed to the master room to wash my face. I speculated if he felt it too. I wanted to tell Ikhwan about it but then I decided not to. Eventually I did tell him. When things started getting stranger and weirder in that house.

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