Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Chapter 1 : Where it all began

 On my 29th Birthday, Ikhwan took me out for a wonderful romantic seafood dinner as he knows i have been craving for crabs for a while now. We had a spectacular dinner and of course dessert. As usual after dinner we would head home, change to our comfy outfits, put on a good movie on Netflix and cuddle.

December 10, 2016... celebration still not over. He brought me to lunch. Food was okay. both our first time trying there. Was not impressed at all. However, besides the point, i was feeling uneasy the entire day. I thought i was coming down with the stomach flu. Ikhwan blamed on the seafood the night before as usual saying i ate too fast and bla bla.

So anyway, long story short i didn't have any appetite for dinner so we stayed in and Ikhwan knew that was his opportunity to hit the gym. I was home alone and bored to death. Needed to pee so for the fun of it i thought to myself
"Let's just pee on a stick since i have like plenty of em' but don't get your hope high tazzy. it never happens for you. You're just pure bad luck."

So after i peed of course I waited to see. During these seconds my heart was already saying

"Ah just throw it away. You're wasting your bloody time." 

But part of me was eager and hoping for what my heart has always hoped for. And there it appeared. THE TWO PINK LINES THAT HAS NEVER APPEARED BEFORE ME FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS AND 9 MONTHS OF OUR MARRIAGE. I blinked and blinked and wondered. I called my younger sister Dianah and spoke to her about it. I didn't wanna call Ikhwan yet coz I didn't wanna disappoint him. For all i knew it could be me too obsessed for a positive that my eyes were playing tricks with my mind. 

So i sent Dianah a pic of the strip to ask her if she sees it too. But that lil brat didn't understand what 2 lines? she saw 3 lines. Hahahaah!!! I couldn't even depend on her! I told her forget it I will do another. SAME 2 PINK LINES APPEARED. I did another. And another! ALL POSITIVE.

I called Ikhwan and cried with panic in my voice told him what happened and that I had the last one of a digital by ClearBlue and I am certain that that would be 110% accurate. He stayed on the phone with me, it was calculating.... calculating....and then it appeared


We were in shock. He wanted to come home immediately but I told him no just finish his workout coz he already took his supplements and it would be a waste  . I called mom who was out for dinner with dad and sister and her husband. Insisted she put me on loudspeaker and started crying announcing that I am pregnant. Also called my MIL and shared our news.

Ikhwan came home and the moment we had was just a time capsule capturing moment i don't know what that means either but you get me! 

After all these years, we were finally pregnant with an actual baby by me and him in me growing to be a real human to be ours to hold and play and love and grow with.

The many pregnancy strip and of course the digital one that confirmed it all. And our lil pooh bear at 5 weeks old. *tear*


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