Monday, 25 May 2015

Guilty Pleasure Bakers

I have finally officially launched my all time dream (the reason why I started this blog) of my own baking products. Introducing to my dear readers the GUILTY PLEASURE BAKERS : Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies & Almond Brittles

Our homemade cookies are 100% from PURE BUTTER and in each bite you can feel the satisfaction hence the name of Guilty Pleasure . And Almond Brittles are like no other out there where you won't believe the amount of Almonds and Sunflower Seeds we use in them. 

You may PM me for your orders .Hari Raya orders are OPEN!  All details are at our Instagram Page : guilty.pleasure.bakers (FOLLOW US) ! please with cherry on top. Thanks guys! Cheers.

Chocolate chip cookies - RM 25 / 300grams
Almond Brittles - RM 40 / 300grams

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Cookie Dough

Chocolate Chip 

Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Finished Product Sexy Large Size (SLS) RM 25 (300grams)

Chewy Chocolate chip Cookies up close RM 25 (300grams)

Almond Brittles Sexy Large Size RM 40 (300grams)

Almond Brittles up close RM 40 (300grams) was not kidding about the amount of Almonds & Sunflower Seeds

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