Monday, 13 April 2015


Ever played the game "MasterChef" in your own kitchen? Well I do all the time. It is so fun and entertaining to me since it is hot and boring being in there alone prepping dinner. How does this game work? Well.....basically how I play it is by having a time given to myself and I MUST complete the entire menu within my time limit which is usually 1 hour and 30 minutes. Imagine the chaos. The fun part is I am improving in multi-tasking in the kitchen. 

Now not only do I cook one item at a time like how I use to when I first got married where I would start cooking by 6.30 and have dinner ready by 9pm , I can actually juggle by cooking three... YES THREE dishes at once, whilst wait for up the pots and pans and utensils etc work station must always be clean on time will be deducted. (my game my rules)

You wives who cook out there should try it out. BUT as of today, I have created a new rule! CHOPPING the ingredients are no longer counted as the 1 hour 30 minutes time limit. I always get small cuts here and there on my fingers as I intend to chop like a pro. Rachel Ray does it why cant I? Oh wait ! I know now why.... i ain't trained like her. Today, I got the ultimate worst cut ever.

As i took the sharp kitchen knife recently sharpened (goddamn big mistake),  I placed the unpeeled onion on my chopping board and placed the knife ready as the clock is about to begin. And I slice the knife through the onion. Somehow I don't know how I still wonder , the knife slipped off the onion and pang!!!!!!!!! Right through my finger. I actually cut my self in a circle motion and blood sprang non stop. I panicked. Ran upstairs to where Ikhwan was and showed him the bloody red tissue. FIRST question popped out of his mouth was " Were you playing MasterChef again?" GUILTY!!! "NOOOOOOOOOOO.....I Pwomise (not promise but pwomise. That way it doesn't count)! " Sorry love. hehehehehe

He than bandaged me up. I was hoping it would stop bleeding. I was so not looking forward to head to the GP and get it stitched. Pheww! after many tissues and pressing and screaming it stopped. Bandaged and now, I'm typing with my right hand only. Imagine the frustration as to how slow this post is forming. :) 

Temporarily Tasneem's "MasterChef" is under construction. Try it guys! It did and still does help me improve in my kitchen skills and juggling many stoves at one time. But remember the key rule. CLEAN WORKSTATION . It makes you feel a great relief after completing your dishes where you only have the last pot to wash in the sink. Good luck!  

  With Bandage 

Without bandage

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