Saturday, 11 April 2015

Long Waited Return

After a freaking long pause,I finally found time to log in to my blog whichI have abandon for a pretty good period of time. 

What have I been up to? Well where should I begin. The ultimate NO 1 thing on my list is....NO IM STILL NOT PREGNANT. This story will be another whole load of chapter. 

Still working in the same company(unless you are hiring). Work life is getting more hectic and office politics are getting seriously out of hand.

Baking? Hardly. Cooking? EVERYDAY...  Cleaning and tidying the house? *sigh* don't get me started. Hired a part time cleaner who comes over every Sunday to clean up the place.

Oooh I do have a good news. I have enrolled back into University to further my education. That means classes on weekend for the next 3 years. YES! I have currently no life of my own. Weekdays work and weekends classes. Worst part is classes are from 2pm up till 10pm. There you go. Story of my life. Nope! I am not complaining (yeah right!) 

Marriage? Oh dear!! PERFECT. I thank god on that part every night before I sleep. The one thing that makes me happy and smile is my loving husband (who by the way won an award for his script in Sejoli ya'all as best romantic comedy script! woot woot)

Got a new cat for ourselves called Troy. Yes Troy... Duke unfortunately left us. He was killed by an asshole driver who drove so fast over the hump and ran over Duke. My poor baby Duke may you rest in peace. 

Well, that's a huge and quick re-cap on what has been going on with me and my life so far. Am totally gonna start blogging again and type my heart out on anything and everything that is on my mind and that I feel of blogging about. 

Welcome back dear readers.

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