Saturday, 8 March 2014

Late New Year

Oh dear.. I have been so freaking busy juggling life as a wife, an employee and as a friend that I have had no time to update my blog. I know it's a lil too late to be wishing a happy new year but who cares....

It's March already can you believe it how time flies? Nope I am NOT pregnant yet. Hoping and praying every day that I will be soon. Haish...Let me just give a lil recap on what has happened lately.

2. Husband's SEJOLI movie has been released (don't forget to catch it at the cinemas guys)
3. Husband has new upcoming movie
4. Work has been so demanding
5. Recently got robbed. Ya last week to be precise. House got broken in when we were staying at the in laws
6. Am FAT
7. Getting very very much better at cooking
8. Have hardly anytime to bake
9. Hoping for a miracle to happen...
10. Almost coming to out 1st wedding anniversary
11. AM FAT
12. Cant stand the HOT heat
13. Got Netflix to work again
14. Want a baby so bad
15. Am FAAT