Thursday, 12 December 2013

Anugerah Buku Negara 2013

I am so very extremely proud to announce that Ikhwan's 1st Novel Hang Nadim 1525 won the Anugerah Buku 2013 for the category Anugerah Industri Buku Novel (Sejarah) Terbaik 2013 where the award was held on the 11/12/13 at PWTC.

Finally his work is recognized by the public. The best part is, these awards are judged by professional panels aka Panel Penilaian Profesional Negara. 

His FIRST book and he already received an award for it. I'm sure those who have read it can't wait for his second book. Chillex.... He is currently working on it. Even I am super excited for his next book. For those who have not read it, please go grab a copy. You can purchase via his website at or even our Fb page His books are also available at all MPH bookstores , Kinokuniya , and Times Bookstores throughout Malaysia.

During the event, I controlled myself from crying. But you know what made me even wanna cry more? The proud parents at the audience with their cam corder waiting patiently for his name to be announced. I felt a lil pang at how proud he has made them after all these years of struggling to prove to them that his dream is not just a dream but a career which will make him someone someday. And today, he has become and proved to them. That dreams do come true.

Oooh.... I also forgot to tell ya' all. A FAN came up to him and asked if they could take a picture together. He told Ikhwan that he is a fan and loved the book. Thank you dear fan!!! hehehe

So to those out there, dare to dream. I watched my husband do it. And I believe that NOTHING is impossible. But you must have the patience and determination plus support from people around you. 

So guys, I am proud to announce to you that my Husband, my bestfriend and my true love, Ikhwan Sha has won the award for  Anugerah Industri Buku Novel (Sejarah) Terbaik 2013 on his Hang Nadim 1525. Thank you for all the support and wonderful feedbacks on his book. Appreciate them much. 

Please enjoy the special moment that I managed to capture during the event. Thank you

Ikhwan Sha & Pn Azzlyn, Operations Director from Anggun Publishing

His proud mom & dad

His proud PA, Manager and WIFE

His Fan (didnt manage to capture a proper pic. He was too fast)

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