Sunday, 20 October 2013

$$$ kA-cHING

After having a cheeky Persian kitty, almost everything is slowly being destroyed by her. The biggest item is our sofa. Oh dear god!! she uses her nails to climb on the sofa and scratches em leaving marks on them. At first it was small. Then they got slightly bigger. So me being me, sew the spots of destroyed section with cloths and that created ugly patches on our sofa. Mom laughed when she saw it. 

Our Baby "Duke"

Anyway, I was glad the patches were covered up. Then she scratched more. And do bear in mind, we are talking about leather sofa. She created new art work on my sofa and I covered them up with my artistic sewing. 

See how ugly the sofa is??
She got even cheekier. And added more of her signature marks, till I cant catch up with her cause she has destroyed 80% of the sofa and hubby says the sofa is covered with my ugly patched cover up work. Hence, I know he was hinting me "TIME TO GET A NEW SOFA!" And we just did.

Went to survey sofa's today and my expensive do these items cost? Best part was, my younger bro Murshid tagged along. No 1 reminder to self. If EVER wanna go out and buy stuff, NEVER bring him along. He is the BIGGEST persuader if that is even a word I have ever met! He ALWAYS manages to con Mom into buying expensive stuff as how he would explain what the benefits and how these items can change our lives and best part is when she agrees, he will add this same exact sentence "But mom if you add another RM $$$$, you get a better quality....lasts longer....feels better......"And she falls for it.... trust me, you HAVE to watch how he makes his sales pitch. Not like he earns any commissions from the shops. pffft.. Excellent! And bare in mind the part where he asks mom to top up a bit more for a better quality etc, can be used 3 times in one sentence/ item where she always ends up buying stuff more expensive than her budget.

With a clear budget set in mind, he managed to wash Ikhwan's mind into buying a sofa 7k more than our budget. He managed to get Ikhwan into the idea and they both had to work it onto me. I stood firmly on my budget and said NO.....NO.....NO.... it's freaking 7k more than our budget. What the hell???? For a freaking sofa??? 


Finally my cousin Faiz who was also with us gave the biggest statement that made them shut up and walk away. "With the price of that sofa, we can put a down-payment on a Polo Car" And!! It hit em back to reality! And we walked away! Thank god for FAIZ!! Love you!!!

Headed to Home Depo where my elder sister bought her sofa and we found our WINNER.... Something as nice.....and best part is 1k cheaper than our budget! What else??? "wrap em' up!" From 4 pm.....till 10pm! All were wasted in the shop where Murshid was "explaining" how the additional 7k could bring more comfort to our asses in our house! 


We are so excited with our new sofa. Delivery in 21 days time! Yeay..... And this time, the cat is NOT allowed anywhere near the sofa. Or else...... So help me god! Any tips on how we can train Duke not to climb on the sofa? Thank you! 

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