Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Career vs Family

Was just on the phone with a friend of mine and she was complaining how her husband works late at night. Having meetings with ladies and men who are apparently married till 1am .

I feel so sad for her when she tells them to me. Yes. You may work extra have late meetings just so you can achieve your goals and dreams. But please , who ever is reading this. There is a limit to everything we do in life. Especially when it comes to jeopardizing your family. 

Some may think " What's wrong with that? At least he is working to provide for his family?" Yes!! That is very true! But come on!!! Almost every night? Would you allow your WIFE to be out that late? When she has a husband waiting by the door for her presence?

I'm pretty sure NOT! And come on!! You expect my poor old friend to believe that the meetings are WITH married ladies?? Puhlease!!! No husband nor no wife would leave home at 8pm and return at 1am when the meetings are at local coffee shops. 

Can't these meetings be conducted at normal hours? Normal working hours? Okay fine! Everyone would be busy with their jobs. How bout meeting at 6pm then, and heading home by 8pm to have a warm home cooked meal by your wife. And greet your kids at the door?

Careers...Let is be the man or the lady .... the workaholic .... should not be put FIRST in their lives. Family should be first. You work so hard to earn but with whom then shall you spend all these fortune? Mistresses?? Prostitutes ?? One night stands ??? 

Your family that you love so hard and wanted to provide a luxurious life may just walk out the door and some day when you return home, they may not BE there to greet you! 

Make the right decisions in life and chase for the right dreams! Money can't buy love nor happiness. And yes!! Happiness and Love can't buy a damn thing! But having that someone, or a house filled with laughters are worth more than coming home to an empty huge house. With no one home!  

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