Saturday, 12 October 2013

Breaking Bad

Since my husband has been and still is busy with his new project etc, I have found myself a NEW addiction. Am constantly hooked to the TV with a new super exciting series Breaking Bad. 

Anyone familiar with it? OMG.... It's so freaking interesting. A new "drug" addiction after completing the series Weeds. I have no idea why I am so addicted to drug related series. Guess their lives are THAT exciting. And NO I am not hooked to any what-so-ever drugs.

Well, for those who are unaware of Breaking Bad, god you must be living in a nutshell , it's basically about this high school chemistry teacher who finds out he has lung cancer. Hence he needs fast money to support his family financially since he has to stop teaching temp as he is undergoing chemo treatment and stuff. Plus he also needs money to pay for these expensive therapy to help cure his cancer. 

So what other way then being a "cook" on Meth drug. He ain't a dealer nor a druggie. Him being a pro in chemistry, he ends up cooking THE BEST Meth in the market. To add spice to it, his brother in-law is a DEA who searches for this "famous" best Meth cook in town which is duh.... right under his nose. 

Shows us the scary lives of drug dealers. Not the good funny side type of series like Weeds. This is much more serious. Enough said! Go download em series and watch. I am currently at season 3 and it has like 5 seasons and it just keeps getting darn interesting.

Being a science freak is cool after all. In the series, he comes up with remarkable scientific ways to solve problems that would make us speechless at how we should have so concentrated chemistry classes during high-school.

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