Sunday, 6 October 2013

Back in ACTION!!

OH dear !!! it has been such a long time since I logged into my blog. Life has been so hectic after marriage. Juggling with work, and cooking, cleaning and "us" time.

I forgot how much I missed blogging about new exciting things that I tried or stuff that happens. Well, let us take if back from where I have left of shall we?

Alot has happened to me. Good and not so good.  Well for starters , it is so true when people say one puts on weight after marriage. I know I have. I feel fat. I am fat! Best time for me to start blogging about how I am gonna shred the fats off ma ass! *wink*

Oooh I have picked up cooking. I would have to say, from day 1 of being married till now, what say 7 months since then, wow!! I have been married for 7 months? my cooking, chopping and being able to handle 3 pots on the stove at one time has proven how much I have improved. Plus, my husband is finally enjoying my cooking.

Have not baked in a long time ... Only during Hari Raya. Made 7 cookies. On my OWN!! Without any help. Every day for the last week before Raya. After work, cook us dinner than tidy up and start baking from 8 till 1am. 

Cleaning?? Aargh!! Cleaning up the house still needs improvement. I always vow after every clean up session to start cleaning every Saturday so the mess would be less but heck! Who am I kidding. Comes the Saturday I would be tired, sleepy or just plain lazy! And 2 Saturdays go by and back to cursing and swearing on how I hate cleaning up after such a big mess. 

My husband? He is doing FANTASTIC. Got a new job offer ya'all. For a new programme to be live tele-cast on TV in November. Will give you guys a taste of it once I get his full permission. Oh also don't forget to stay tune for the movie he wrote the script on SEJOLI. Also will update here once the movie is officially released etc. 

I can't stop babbling can I? There is too much to tell. Pregnant? Nope not yet. Hold ya horses. Will get there soon Insya Allah. 

Cheers!! Love, Tasneem Najeeb & Ikhwan Sha

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