Sunday, 20 October 2013

$$$ kA-cHING

After having a cheeky Persian kitty, almost everything is slowly being destroyed by her. The biggest item is our sofa. Oh dear god!! she uses her nails to climb on the sofa and scratches em leaving marks on them. At first it was small. Then they got slightly bigger. So me being me, sew the spots of destroyed section with cloths and that created ugly patches on our sofa. Mom laughed when she saw it. 

Our Baby "Duke"

Anyway, I was glad the patches were covered up. Then she scratched more. And do bear in mind, we are talking about leather sofa. She created new art work on my sofa and I covered them up with my artistic sewing. 

See how ugly the sofa is??
She got even cheekier. And added more of her signature marks, till I cant catch up with her cause she has destroyed 80% of the sofa and hubby says the sofa is covered with my ugly patched cover up work. Hence, I know he was hinting me "TIME TO GET A NEW SOFA!" And we just did.

Went to survey sofa's today and my expensive do these items cost? Best part was, my younger bro Murshid tagged along. No 1 reminder to self. If EVER wanna go out and buy stuff, NEVER bring him along. He is the BIGGEST persuader if that is even a word I have ever met! He ALWAYS manages to con Mom into buying expensive stuff as how he would explain what the benefits and how these items can change our lives and best part is when she agrees, he will add this same exact sentence "But mom if you add another RM $$$$, you get a better quality....lasts longer....feels better......"And she falls for it.... trust me, you HAVE to watch how he makes his sales pitch. Not like he earns any commissions from the shops. pffft.. Excellent! And bare in mind the part where he asks mom to top up a bit more for a better quality etc, can be used 3 times in one sentence/ item where she always ends up buying stuff more expensive than her budget.

With a clear budget set in mind, he managed to wash Ikhwan's mind into buying a sofa 7k more than our budget. He managed to get Ikhwan into the idea and they both had to work it onto me. I stood firmly on my budget and said NO.....NO.....NO.... it's freaking 7k more than our budget. What the hell???? For a freaking sofa??? 


Finally my cousin Faiz who was also with us gave the biggest statement that made them shut up and walk away. "With the price of that sofa, we can put a down-payment on a Polo Car" And!! It hit em back to reality! And we walked away! Thank god for FAIZ!! Love you!!!

Headed to Home Depo where my elder sister bought her sofa and we found our WINNER.... Something as nice.....and best part is 1k cheaper than our budget! What else??? "wrap em' up!" From 4 pm.....till 10pm! All were wasted in the shop where Murshid was "explaining" how the additional 7k could bring more comfort to our asses in our house! 


We are so excited with our new sofa. Delivery in 21 days time! Yeay..... And this time, the cat is NOT allowed anywhere near the sofa. Or else...... So help me god! Any tips on how we can train Duke not to climb on the sofa? Thank you! 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Breaking Bad

Since my husband has been and still is busy with his new project etc, I have found myself a NEW addiction. Am constantly hooked to the TV with a new super exciting series Breaking Bad. 

Anyone familiar with it? OMG.... It's so freaking interesting. A new "drug" addiction after completing the series Weeds. I have no idea why I am so addicted to drug related series. Guess their lives are THAT exciting. And NO I am not hooked to any what-so-ever drugs.

Well, for those who are unaware of Breaking Bad, god you must be living in a nutshell , it's basically about this high school chemistry teacher who finds out he has lung cancer. Hence he needs fast money to support his family financially since he has to stop teaching temp as he is undergoing chemo treatment and stuff. Plus he also needs money to pay for these expensive therapy to help cure his cancer. 

So what other way then being a "cook" on Meth drug. He ain't a dealer nor a druggie. Him being a pro in chemistry, he ends up cooking THE BEST Meth in the market. To add spice to it, his brother in-law is a DEA who searches for this "famous" best Meth cook in town which is duh.... right under his nose. 

Shows us the scary lives of drug dealers. Not the good funny side type of series like Weeds. This is much more serious. Enough said! Go download em series and watch. I am currently at season 3 and it has like 5 seasons and it just keeps getting darn interesting.

Being a science freak is cool after all. In the series, he comes up with remarkable scientific ways to solve problems that would make us speechless at how we should have so concentrated chemistry classes during high-school.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Career vs Family

Was just on the phone with a friend of mine and she was complaining how her husband works late at night. Having meetings with ladies and men who are apparently married till 1am .

I feel so sad for her when she tells them to me. Yes. You may work extra have late meetings just so you can achieve your goals and dreams. But please , who ever is reading this. There is a limit to everything we do in life. Especially when it comes to jeopardizing your family. 

Some may think " What's wrong with that? At least he is working to provide for his family?" Yes!! That is very true! But come on!!! Almost every night? Would you allow your WIFE to be out that late? When she has a husband waiting by the door for her presence?

I'm pretty sure NOT! And come on!! You expect my poor old friend to believe that the meetings are WITH married ladies?? Puhlease!!! No husband nor no wife would leave home at 8pm and return at 1am when the meetings are at local coffee shops. 

Can't these meetings be conducted at normal hours? Normal working hours? Okay fine! Everyone would be busy with their jobs. How bout meeting at 6pm then, and heading home by 8pm to have a warm home cooked meal by your wife. And greet your kids at the door?

Careers...Let is be the man or the lady .... the workaholic .... should not be put FIRST in their lives. Family should be first. You work so hard to earn but with whom then shall you spend all these fortune? Mistresses?? Prostitutes ?? One night stands ??? 

Your family that you love so hard and wanted to provide a luxurious life may just walk out the door and some day when you return home, they may not BE there to greet you! 

Make the right decisions in life and chase for the right dreams! Money can't buy love nor happiness. And yes!! Happiness and Love can't buy a damn thing! But having that someone, or a house filled with laughters are worth more than coming home to an empty huge house. With no one home!  

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Back in ACTION!!

OH dear !!! it has been such a long time since I logged into my blog. Life has been so hectic after marriage. Juggling with work, and cooking, cleaning and "us" time.

I forgot how much I missed blogging about new exciting things that I tried or stuff that happens. Well, let us take if back from where I have left of shall we?

Alot has happened to me. Good and not so good.  Well for starters , it is so true when people say one puts on weight after marriage. I know I have. I feel fat. I am fat! Best time for me to start blogging about how I am gonna shred the fats off ma ass! *wink*

Oooh I have picked up cooking. I would have to say, from day 1 of being married till now, what say 7 months since then, wow!! I have been married for 7 months? my cooking, chopping and being able to handle 3 pots on the stove at one time has proven how much I have improved. Plus, my husband is finally enjoying my cooking.

Have not baked in a long time ... Only during Hari Raya. Made 7 cookies. On my OWN!! Without any help. Every day for the last week before Raya. After work, cook us dinner than tidy up and start baking from 8 till 1am. 

Cleaning?? Aargh!! Cleaning up the house still needs improvement. I always vow after every clean up session to start cleaning every Saturday so the mess would be less but heck! Who am I kidding. Comes the Saturday I would be tired, sleepy or just plain lazy! And 2 Saturdays go by and back to cursing and swearing on how I hate cleaning up after such a big mess. 

My husband? He is doing FANTASTIC. Got a new job offer ya'all. For a new programme to be live tele-cast on TV in November. Will give you guys a taste of it once I get his full permission. Oh also don't forget to stay tune for the movie he wrote the script on SEJOLI. Also will update here once the movie is officially released etc. 

I can't stop babbling can I? There is too much to tell. Pregnant? Nope not yet. Hold ya horses. Will get there soon Insya Allah. 

Cheers!! Love, Tasneem Najeeb & Ikhwan Sha