Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Injury of the newlywed bride

How sad can it get. I am facing an injury on my right knee. Before you assume or imagine any 18sx thoughts, I have had this knee injury back in those scho days during my tennis obsession period.
The injury got so bad at one time till I had to go for leg therapy. It's not caused by any nonsense by me being married.
Anyway, the injury worsen on sunday up to an extend where I can't bend down or squad nor strech without screaming  and cursing. 
Ikhwan got worried and forced me to consult a doctor again. And so we did today. The doctor was so kind that he drew a human leg bone structure with all the joints and muscle to explain where and what the injury is.
According to him, the muscles above my knee snapped causing it tremendous pain. Nothing it torn nor is the injury surgery serious. However, if I do not relax my right leg now, it will be.
He gave me some ointment and bandaged me knee up. And guess who became my doctor just 5 minutes ago. Yuppps. My new husband. Well, hope I recover fast as I am not on MC since I just started work yesterday after a month of leave.

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