Thursday, 7 March 2013


Couple of days left and just literally finished my Bunga Telur (pasang net) with the help of Dianah. Thank you!! 

Now next on my agenda :

Fri - Clean up my stuff and throw away ALL crap that I have no use for!!I intend to get emotional to my stupidest stuff which I will just end up transferring them to the boxes instead of trash. So note to self. THROW ANYTHING THAT YOU HAVE NOT USED IN THE PAST 6 MONTHS *wek wek*

Sat - Do hantaran & Deco etc combine em and keep em nicely in the boys room since they wont be back till Wednesday
       - Dress fitting at 4pm

Sun - Pick up cleaners and bring to new home to let them scrub while I rest with a glass of lemonade. Mommy will do the ordering around
        - PRAY hard for my PERIOD to come fast!!

Mon - Work & room tidying. Last minute shit. I'm sure Friday it wont be settled

Tues - Call up dress shop & Tux for pick up. 
          - Make appointment for waxing and mani pedi
          - Come home and relaaaax

Wednesday - WORK HALF DAY!!
                       - Clean Dianah's room and pack remaining clothes into luggage and pack for our "wink wink"

Thurday - Wake up late. Relaaaax and wait for berinai lady to come by! 

Friday - BECOME his WIFE!

Ps: PLease get well soon tazzy wazzy

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Bridal Shower

Had my BRIDAL SHOWER with my family today. They took me to Hammam Spa @ Publika. A Moroccan spa. It was fabulous. I rate it 6 stars / 5 . Yup it was that good.

We went in a group, therefore it was RM 210 per head. We did the full body scrub, mask and 1 hour massage. The scrub was amazing. We could see all our dead dry skin and dirt. Eeew. For a moment I felt filthy.  

It started at 6pm and finished at 9pm. They greeted us so warmly and escorted us to our changing rooms. There, we were each given a disposable bra & panties to put on with a bath rob. However, I brought my own bikini piece and thank god I did. Their disposal bikini set is see through. 

Anyway, they escorted us to the "bathing area" which has 3 long marble "beds" where each of us laid. We each had our own "scrubber" . They scrubbed us, bathed us, washed our hair, dried us, wore our robe for us etc. Felt like a princess literally.

Then they served us hot tea and Baklava. So yummmy. After taking a short tea, we headed for massage of an hour. So relaxed. And now I feel all clean and sparkly. Thought of doing it as a monthly ritual to get my self clean.

Thank you Fara !! And Elena !! Love ya!!