Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Twenty Thirteen

Happy New Year peeps. Nope..It's not gonna be one of those post where I talk bout my new years resolutions etc cause it has never worked . WHAT?? You telling me that every year you manage to cross out all your resolutions you wrote down?? I call you bluff!! 

Wedding Prep! It's so close barely 3 months to go. Everything is in place and order. Except for ONE. Bunga Telur, Hik hik! Am working on it still. Have till end of Jan to complete it then, we can start assembling em' together. 

Groom's outfit was finalized yesterday. Thank goodness. Was starting to panic on not having outfits. Now my major panic. A PLACE TO MOVE IN. We have yet narrowed down nor surveyed locations for us to move in by early March so after the wedding, we can be alone!! yeay!!

Insya-Allah, all will fall in place. Gotta stop wasting time day dreaming about me and him being married but actually search for these important stuff. 

Hope your all having a wonderful New Year ! May the force be with you !

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From Ikhwan Sha & Tasneem Najeeb

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