Friday, 4 January 2013

PMS Not !

I am having one of those days where everyone is just annoying the shit out of you. And for the first time I really I mean REALLY feel like going out and stay up all night till the sun rises but NO ONE is available.

Has a terrible long day at work today. Never felt that tired and worn out at work before. Ever! And I thought yeay, come home early on a Friday and maybe go dating with my finace'.

But NO! God forbids! I had to work till 8.30 pm and am stuck in my room all alone. And Dianah's voice is pissing me off. She begging mom for something I couldn't care to ask what or why...... and her voice! Oh her VOICE.... is on the highest pitch and most annoying loudest thing I have ever heard for today and I feel like getting up from my bed and ask her to shut the toot up!

But I am way too lazy and tired to even get up from the bed to walk to the door. I am in a very frustrated mood today. I bet you can sense it from my post. Nope...period just finished! Not PMSing.

Argh!! What am I gonna do tomorrow?? When I am superbly FREE no one else is. When I have some shitty stuff to do, everyone is out and about enjoying. God damn it !! 

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