Thursday, 31 January 2013

Mr Crab

Ikhwan & I were cracking our heads for places to indulge as it was dinner time. Ikhwan suggested we ate at some place we have never tried. But as usual, the conversation led to no where. *Ting* light bulb sound  Ikhwan suggested SEAFOOD !!

OF course we have had seafood but we have NEVER actually gone to a seafood restaurant and indulged without our parents doing the ordering.. Then we were back at square one. Where to find seafood in the city? Called up several people but none was helpful thank you guys! We love you!  Got stuck in KL traffic and I suggested Fatty Crab which I have no clue where it's at. Called my sister HANI  as usual.....NEVER answers her call NOR RETURNS calls.

Ikhwan kept saying how to go to Mr Muscle Crab! Hahaha!! And then my phone battery went dead. Blackberry sucks! So we couldn't google it. Anyway, we finally ended up at some restaurant called Eastern Crab just behind Flamingo Ampang Hotel.

The crab was absolutely worth every penny. Wanna know the funny part? We ordered two chilli crabs and little did we know, they cooked it with egg. Ikhwan has a fake allergy on eggs. He hates them and finds them disgusting. Guess you will NEVER find eggs in our fridge if you ever came over.  Anyway, as I was saying, when they brought out the crabs, it was covered with chilli gravy WITH EGG.

I felt so guilty thinking that he wouldn't touch the crabs but OMG!!! He said screw the eggs....I'm digging in! He actually ate the crab gravy with the gooey egg. I'm sure he would wanna puke once he is reminded of it. Our friend was eating with rice, and some Chinese "pau" bread . Delicious.

So once we were done with dinner, neither of us could breathe. I mean literally. NOT exaggerating okay! And ..... sorry folks. A private joke between us. Nothing dirty. Well, am home now. Enjoy our dinner pics! Yummmmms 

ps: If you guys know anywhere else with seafood which is a must-try, please suggest! Or ANY good places to dine. We have no idea where or what to try.


Hong Kong Ice- Lemon Tea NOT recommended 


The claw 

Him again

Chilli Crab

Me all excited

The Chinese "pau" bread

Bon- appetit 


Hand Wash Bowl - dunno the name la


All clean

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