Monday, 26 November 2012

Yippie Yeay

Updates from "What's your Flavour" Baskin Robbins finale. And the winner is ..... PROUDDUCK!!

I finally managed to meet Vivy Yusoff, the actual person behind Proudduck & Fashion Valet . She looked gorgeous. In a simple white blouse and really comfortable looking blue pants. She is so petite and cute. And elegant with a very postured gracefulness. Her husband Dean was also by her side. duh..

Vivy had her supporters there, all dressed in her black Baskin Robbins Campaign t-shirt including Ikhwan Sha & Me of course. The crowd was insane. They had FREE ice-cream and Ikhwan & me couldn't stop lining up and eating em'.

Overall I would say, I had a fantastic time. My first ever blogger event. *wink* Can't wait to be invited to many more and hopefully someday, I would be the blogger people would come up to and say " Can I take a picture with you please? " that would ever happen!! Maybe...a girl could only wish.

Credits to my wonderful photographer, Ikhwan Sha who arrived late by the way due to his futsal competition which had to be on the same day as the event. I love you baby! Thank you for still accompanying me.  Enjoy !!

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