Friday, 16 November 2012

Thank goodness for technology and internet banking. Seriously !! I have been on leave since Monday (booyeah!!) and since then, I have seriously lost track of the days and dates.. Up to the extend I have to put an alarm reminder, a day before I am suppose to get back to work. Just in case.

And somehow, I came to realize today is the 16th. That means tomorrow my AIA insurance would lapse! Tell me about it! I am so comfy, still in bed, in my pyjama's in front of the laptop playing a new addictive game Ikhwan and me found which is freaking awesome by the way  .

I immediately panicked. Lapse?? No way! Lucky me, MAYBANK is the ONLY bank that accepts AIA payments, let it be over the counter on online. I usually do my payments over the counter in KLCC Branch, I am the kind who loves keeping receipts of payments for my own record keeping. But when emergencies like this happens, its Maybank2u transaction.

Yeay! Did my payment already with just a click away. Emergencies like this is where we really appreciate technology and the great invention and easiness given to us for daily use which we mostly take advantage off. 

How is everyone else's Friday? I'm certain some of you are working! Happy working! And for those bumming in front of the TV or Laptop like me, Yeeeeehaw!!!

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