Sunday, 11 November 2012

Love Mode - ON

The clock is ticking. We are in the month of Nov now. I haven't got already much time left for the prep but I have a long list still waiting to be completed. Somehow, with all these unchecked items on the list, we manage to squeeze in time for our usual catch ups.

I realized that you will never know your partner 100 percent cause everyday, he/she would have something new in their life. And I am so lucky that we are constantly learning new and exciting things about each other even after these past 5 years plus now.

Yesterday, we had an all time awesome date. Not that our dates are never awesome but somehow the closer the wedding is, the more sentimental our dates become. I can't get enough of him. He is the sweetest person ever to me! I ....argh!! Have no words to describe the love we share. 

People always tell me don't talk too much about the love you all have for each other to the world cause you will never know what might happen down the line. BAD things in your relationship. YES!! That is VERY true. But you know what? I say "screw you". It is not wrong for me to express my love I have for him on my blog. It is my online-diary! Like it or hate it , I couldn't give a shit.

If...I mean IF (Nau'zubillah) Anything were to happen down the line, there is nothing to be ashamed about although we were so in love. Shit happens sometimes. But anyway, that's besides the point. I pray for us to last till eternity. See our children get children and grow old and grey.

The closer the wedding is, the more impatient I get to be his WIFE. I am gonna be a wife soon. To the man of my dreams. I still remember last time, when I was younger I would always sing in tears to the song "God send me an angel" and wish for Him to send me my angel. Alhamdulillah, I have found my angel. Although you may think what the hell?? The song doesn't make sense for her? It does....You have no idea what my relationship life was before I was sent my angel from the heavens above. That healed my broken heart. 

Sorry guys. I have no idea what this blog post is about. I just wanted to let out some stuff and plus, the rain is making it all perfect to write about love etc. Anyway, here is the song I sang everyday, with tears streaming down my cheeks. Enjoy!!

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