Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I Need MRT because.....

Guys! Please vote for me on the "I Need MRT because..." competition. Would appreciate each and every of your vote for me to win! Click here to vote for my reason why I seriously need MRT.

For those of you who are wondering what this is, it is a website for us, to voice out and speak up on why we need MRT's. You could participate to by logging on / signing up at INMRT website. It's easy schmeasy.

All you have to do is register yourself, state the reason WHY you need MRT and the winner with the most votes would win RM 5,000 for the month of OCT-NOV and a 
Grand Prize of RM 10,000 ya 'all!

Isn't that exciting!! I know I am . Well, what are you waiting for. Log on to the website above and sign up today! Also VOTE for me FIRST ... Thank you so very much ! I seriously need MRT and thought it would be fun to win something..Haven't won anything yet in 2012... Hey, at least I'm being honest ! Vote for ME! Cheers!!

Tasneem Najeeb
06 Nov 2012
I need MRT because…
I can't afford the KL lifestyle with tolls,petrol & traffic EVERYDAY to get to and back from work.

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  1. voted urs! vote for me too! thanks! :) http://www.mrtmyride.com.my/ViewEntry.aspx?EntryID=3019