Monday, 19 November 2012

Happy Golden Years

Appa grandfather and Nani grandmother had a wonderful birthday surprise from us all for dinner earlier at Shangri-La Hotel . His children organized it and we grand children and the only one great granddaughter for now  tagged along.

It was such a beautiful feeling seeing their happy, surprised faces, when they saw us, in the crowd. How sweet and delighted they looked. *hugs*

We had a buffet dinner at the Lemon Garden Restaurant I think that' the name, in Shangri-La Hotel itself. And oh my goodness!!! The food was spectacular. A highly recommended location for a buffet. With variety of sushi, all sort of meat, seashells , pasta's and dessert. They even had a cheese platter table, with various types of cheese with selection of crackers. Let's not forget the salad bar! Yummy!!  And it only cost RM 95 ++. To me, it was a fantastic deal, seeing to what we ate. 

I still am on my diet. Don't get me wrong. Ate only protein and vegetables but I cheated a lil bit tonight. Just for the desserts. Hey!! After all, it is a BIG family celebration. *wink*

Should have seen Ikhwan Sha's plate and my two brothers, Murshid & Harith. All they were after were meat, meat, meat and prawns, prawns and prawns. After that was dessert. I was so very excited to see Ikhwan Sha enjoying his meal. Up to an extend when he couldn't breathe. And just sat there quietly towards the end. 

Murshid took all the FOOD pictures on his ipad and he hates forwarding them, so....I only have pics from my aunt's camera. Enjoy !!  

Appa & Nani - The guests of honour

From Left : Lil Aisyah(grandkid) , Aunty Aniq (DIL) , Mamu (child), Mak Aiin (child), Maria (grandkid), Nani, Appa & Uncle K. (SIL)

Lil Aisyah & Aunty Aniq (MOMMY)

Lil Aisyah

Lil Aisyah & Daddy - she was enjoying playing with dad's beard

Appa & Lil Aisyah

Harith (My Bother) & Lil Aisyah

Nani & Appa with surprised Birthday Cake and ME at the back

A romantic moment for the couple - we didn't ask the to kiss at all. It just happened and lucky Aunty Aniq captured this priceless moment

Appa giving his beloved wife a peck on the cheeks

Them opening their presents one by one from each and everyone of us

More presents

From Left : Ikhwan Sha, ME, Dianah (lil sis) , Ray (cousin's husband) , Harith (lil bro), Fatin (cousin), Sebrina (cousin) & Hani (sis)

Standing : Murshid (lil bro) , Maria (cousin), Fara (cousin), Elena (cousin) & Hani (sis)
Seated from left : Ikhwan Sha, Me, Dianah, Ray (fara's husband) , Harith, Fatin & Sebrina

From Left : Daddy , Aunty Aniq (DIL), Mamu (son) , Mak Aiin ( daughter) , Uncle K (SIL), Mommy, Nani & Appa

The newest edition to the family. Lil Suri (great grand daughter - Fara & Ray's baby) & Aunty Aniq

The Abbas Family. Missing one person, Amira (cousin) , who is currently in UK

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