Monday, 12 November 2012

Wedding Planning Day- 1

Had an early start today! Got up at 8am got ready and all excited to accompany Ikhwan for appointment with Felda (his reception) , to start brainstorming on the pelamin choices. And we have narrowed down to the ONE he likes.

At 12.30pm, we rushed off to Batu Arang, Rawang for HIV test. You must be wondering why all the way there. Well, I called all the other government clinics and they are FULLY BOOKED for HIV tests till December. Hell!! Even HIV test must make appointments. The thing is, they only do 10 tests in a day and only between 2pm-4pm . I took my chance and called Batu Arang, and guess what!! EMPTY! Made appointment for us for today.

We got there at 1.15pm and my goodness!! Goverment servants are so unfriendly. Even when I made the calls, I just asked the nurse on the phone, what should I bring documentation wise. She answered me rudely

" Bawa diri je dan pen" - Bring your ownself and a pen"

Me "Tu je kak? Ape-ape documents xpayah?" - Is that all? No documents required?

Nurse " Bawak pen. Kite x supply pen" - Bring a pen. We don't supply pens.

Shhisssh!! So annoying. Even at the clinic just now, I asked the guy for the form to fill up, he replied " we're on break now! Come back at 2pm." Haish! Just reach out for the form on your freaking table and hand it over to me will you?

Anyway, the results - CLEAR ! Yeay!!! Happy happy joy joy!

After that, we headed to AEON Rawang just to walk around and kill time.We ended up watching "Istanbul..aku datang". It was not THAT bad! But still stupid! Hahaha. I'm a sucker for Malay movies. I dunno why. Even though they have been upsetting me in movie standard terms but Malaysian movies!!
I am spending the night in his family's place today. We have a full day activity planned for tomorrow. More wedding stuff to do. By the way, I am on mandatory leave till the 21st . wohooooooo! Got loads to do and ain't much time. I am starting to freak out. Not cold feet but shortage of time! 

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