Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Don't Be Fooled by the Rocks that I've Got ...........

Yes partay people! Finally picked up our JLO "Dance Again World Tour" Live in Malaysia Concert TICKETS!! Despite the drama, on the way to the damn freaking TicketCharge office which created tension cause we kept getting lost, WE HAVE THE TICKETS IN OUR HANDS!!

Both our tickets

Bought the one next to the stage

Worth every penny


Woot !! Woot !! I am a fanatic for JLO ever since she released her FIRST Song and I FINALLY get the chance to watch her LIVE, performing, shaking that booty right in front of my EYES. And who do I get to share this special moment with?? Yups yups!! Mr Ikhwan Sha.

We're both extremely excited and seriously can't wait till Dec 2nd to be dazzled by her beauty, rocking body and fabulous dance moves! Worth every penny! I call it a birthday treat  for myself, this 9th of December.

For other fan's of JLO out there, go grab your tickets FAST!! I bought my tickets at 9am on the 8th of September the day they started selling her tickets. Not being arrogant or anything but I literally am so excited! Couldn't stop dancing round the house and managed to receive an early bird discount IF you purchase using Visa.

For further info, you can check out my previous post here . What are you waiting for?  The set list of songs for her concert are :

Never Gonna Give Up 

Get Right 

Love Don't Cost a Thing 

I'm Into You 

Waiting for Tonight 


Goin' In 

I'm Real / All I Have / Ain't It Funny 

Jenny from the Block 

Feelin' So Good 

Ain't It Funny 

If You Had My Love 

Until It Beats No More 

Hold It Don't Drop It 

Let's Get Loud 


Baby I Love U 

On the Floor 


Dance Again 

Seriously, grab your tickets NOW! Next thing for me to do is try and find a way to MEET her in person. I dunno! Stalk or maybe backstage passes or win some VVIP meet and greet! I dunno seriously. Going bonkers. If any of you actually know someone who knows someone who knows someone who could get a hand or find a way to allow me to MEET JLO in person, PLEASEEE PLEASEE let me know! All I want is 5 minutes. I would die if I met her! Her music seriously helped me in so many ways as I was growing up and I wanna find a way to personally thank her. Remember, please let me know! Thank you

PS: JLO, if you somehow magically found my blog, and am reading this post, please give me  the chance to MEET you in person. I'm no psycho stalker crap. I just wanna thank you so much personally. Please get your Manager or whomever in charge to drop me an email at tasneem.najeeb@gmail.com for my MEET and GREET passes with you. Thank you. Love you! Can't wait to watch you in concert! 

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