Wednesday, 3 October 2012

It Burns!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am feeling so PISSED OFF right now! I am just so bloody sick I tell you! Sick and tired of putting up with this crap in life that NO ONE should EVER put up with!!!

Look...LESSON FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE! If you are NOT ready to take responsibility for what happens in your life? Than do NOT take part in it or you should PLAN very carefully to avoid it from happening. 

There are plenty of Mother-f***kers out there who things " oh, if they can do it so can I" or " How HARD can it be?" Well guess what?? IT IS HARD!!! And it will change your life....It will change everything. From the way you think, walk and talk!!!

So DO NOT do it if you are not ready to GROW UP and behave like one and be a very good role model and take good care and love them unconditionally !! OKAY !!!! Stop nagging on how your life use to be before all this happen! Well, guess what??? You asked for it!! Did you do anything to avoid from it happening? NOPE...and you got it on and on and on for freaking 5 times!!!! 

And now that you are tired, you complain. You compare!! What the fuck is wrong with you? STOP COMPARING yourself to THEM!!! Look in the mirror! Who are you?? And who are they?? YES!~!!~ To get the respect you ought to earn the respect! Do you think you are giving enough of respect?? Booyeah!!!!! 

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