Sunday, 28 October 2012

Wedding Check-List

Venue - Done

Guest List- Done

Make-up Artist - Done

Wedding Dress - Done

Performers - Done

Nikah Outfit - 50 % completed

Bunga Telur - 10% completed

Wedding Card - Have Not Started

Photographer - Midst of Meeting up with them

Groom Outfit - Next weekend

Hantaran - Dec will start

Rentals for Dulang - Crap !! Forgot

Is there anything else that I forgot ? Appreciate your help if you could point out.
*phew* I see a wedding coming to life. Can't wait ! 4 months plus to go. Yeeehah!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The BIG 5 + 0

HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE RICKY!!! It's his big 50th Birthday today. Who ? *Ahem*...My soon-to-be FIL.

We had an early celebration last weekend. Saturday to be precise. Had an amazing fun-filled family day. It began with a very late lunch at 3pm at Cozy Corner @ Ampang Park. Lunch was amazing. Although I was so tempted watching everyone eating happily. I had to have grilled fish with vegetables. While they munched on french fries, ice-cream, bread, potato oh how much have I missed you my potatoes.

On the same day, FFIL future father in-law had a company function which he had to attend at Mines. With that, after lunch at around 5pm we headed to Mines Shopping Mall. It was my FIRST time there. Was pretty excited! The traffic was hell. Nope! Not kidding. It took us almost an hour plus to reach there.

Once at Mines, FFIL went separate ways with us. So we headed to the mall to try find activities whilst waiting for FFIL's function to finish. Well, with Fara being around, where else did you think we ended up? KARAOKE! Not my type of outing! This was again, my FIRST time in a karaoke centre. EVER! I have only done karaoke in my uncle's house since he has the set and all. 

I was quite shy to walk in the Just K- karaoke centre cause I always I mean always made fun of people who entered these doggy places. Sue me if you must! It just ain't my kind of thing. Well, back to the story. I was at the corner laughing at everyone's singing. Nope! Ikhwan did not sing as well. Ikhwan's younger brother was hogging the mic the entire time. And Fara. But OH MY GOODNESS!! Her voice!! Remarkable. Makes me stare with my mouth ajar, waiting and wanting for more! 

Ikhwan on the other hand was so busy finding songs for me to sing. And every Britney and JLO song that he chose, he would pass me the microphone. I would just sit in silence. *Sorry* After the looong hour of karaoke, we headed for BOWLING! Yeay!! The boys won. But I won Ikhwan's score. Yeay me! 

Just in time when the mall was about to close, FFIL managed to sneak out of his company dinner and we headed to Keramat for dinner. All exhausted. After dinner, Ikhwan's parents left to get home while we, continued our outing. Chilled at The Cabin @ Tmn Melawati. Laughing at the stupidest riddles and jokes in the world that we were constantly coming up with and testing each other.

The day ended at 2am if I'm not mistaken. Fara came over to my house to bunk the night. And had to bid goodbye to my lover boy! So with that, I would like to wish FFIL Happy 50th Birthday. May Allah bless you with all the health & wealth in the world.

ps: I lost 5kg's but I still look freaking FAT in the pictures. So sad!!! Need to lose more weight! Come on Tas. Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock

Bday "BOY" with lovely wifey

Present from Ikhwan & Me

50 today but still looking charming & stunning

The family at lunch

Candid while walking

Wanted to jump for a shot but I dunno what happened

Heading to the car to go home

* scratches head*

Ikhwan & Me - he can NEVER just take a decent picture

Him acting all goofy

Another family pic during lunch


Stunned face

The girls- From Left : Amira (Ikhwan's younger sis), Fara (Aie's GF), Nia (Ezat's GF) & Me (Ikhwan's Fiance' - Love the status FIANCE')




The "tak jadik" jump pose

At parking lot


Just K -Karaoke


Ezat hogging the mic

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

It Burns!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am feeling so PISSED OFF right now! I am just so bloody sick I tell you! Sick and tired of putting up with this crap in life that NO ONE should EVER put up with!!!

Look...LESSON FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE! If you are NOT ready to take responsibility for what happens in your life? Than do NOT take part in it or you should PLAN very carefully to avoid it from happening. 

There are plenty of Mother-f***kers out there who things " oh, if they can do it so can I" or " How HARD can it be?" Well guess what?? IT IS HARD!!! And it will change your life....It will change everything. From the way you think, walk and talk!!!

So DO NOT do it if you are not ready to GROW UP and behave like one and be a very good role model and take good care and love them unconditionally !! OKAY !!!! Stop nagging on how your life use to be before all this happen! Well, guess what??? You asked for it!! Did you do anything to avoid from it happening? NOPE...and you got it on and on and on for freaking 5 times!!!! 

And now that you are tired, you complain. You compare!! What the fuck is wrong with you? STOP COMPARING yourself to THEM!!! Look in the mirror! Who are you?? And who are they?? YES!~!!~ To get the respect you ought to earn the respect! Do you think you are giving enough of respect?? Booyeah!!!!!