Friday, 14 September 2012

Your Royal Highness

It was 8am and Dianah and me were at KLCC Park ready. Waiting at the front of the railings ... for The Royal Highnesses, Prince William & Princess Catherine. I actually applied leave from work just to catch a glimpse of them and it was so freaking worth it.

Dianah and myself were impatiently waiting .... and waiting.... and waiting.... and the crowd kept getting bigger and bigger. Lucky us, we were one of the FIRST there so we were in front. Finally it was 10.30 and we heard the police car siren and everyone starts screaming.

The black car drove and stopped. The door swung open...and all you could hear were screams ! They literally walked pass Dianah and me. But nope. They didn't stop what-so-ever to greet any of us! They got into their ride and rode off into the park to where the performances etc were waiting for them.

We ran like mad people. Through the crowds, to the other side of the park, pushing, screaming, trying to not fall down. Pushed the plants around us...and FINALLY...I was there. Dianah? Who's Dianah...I lost her in the crowd. She was so slow! I wouldn't miss an opportunity like this.

So at the other side, I dunno how, but I managed to squeeze to the front again. And William walked pass and I was like " Your Royal Highness, Please sign this for me!! Please!! " He just walked pass me. I was like CRAP! I brought the Royal Highness Plate Hani ordered from UK back then, which was especially made for their wedding.

Anyway, FINALLY....The PRINCESS !! She got closer and closer and I yelled " Your Royal Highness, Please sign this for me...Please...Please..." And she stopped. Looked at ME...ME !!! And replied " Sorry Dear, she called ME dear  I am not allowed to sign anything! "

I asked her again " Please your Royal Highness". And again she replied "I'm sorry Dear..I can't"

Then I asked her back " Then can I please hold your hand?"

The Princess...The Catherine....The Duchess...Handed out her hand to ME....Tasneem Najeeb and said " Well then, come on Dear .... Give me your hand....."

And I shook her hand ! I SHOOK HER HAND !! The Princess had a "conversation" with me... That was our conversation...." Well then, come on Dear... Give me your hand" in the softest, kindest way ever! *melts*

After that I pushed my way out of the crowd and started searching for my lost sister... When later I found, was in the park just standing way way behind I think she got annoyed with the crowd and decided to give up

I LOVE TODAY !! Such a beautiful day ! Then I got a text from Ikhwan saying I'm on MSN Malaysia. My picture. Got so excited and realized my face sooooo small in the crowd. But MY PRINCE CHARMING managed to spot me ! *melts*

Check out the pictures Dianah and me managed to get with our BB's. Enjoy !!

Dianah & Me while waiting for their arrival

MSN Malaysia

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