Saturday, 22 September 2012

Wedding Gown Hunt

What a freaking loooooooong day we had. Went for part 1 Wedding Gown survey. From 12 noon up till 6 pm. I was literally tired of taking my clothes off at every store. But it was super-duper FUN !!

Fell in love with plenty of bridal gowns. Many more to try next week. Can't seem to decide which one to choose. All of them looked so bloody gorgeous! 

The price range we surveyed started from RM 1,200 up to RM 2,000 didn't think it would be that much but hey...I'm only getting married once right? but it was all to-die-for and worth renting. Even just for one night! Can't wait for Ikhwan to actually see me in the dress on our wedding day. Noooo I am not allowing him to see me in it until the very second we have to walk down the isle.

Yup...when we get ready I requested for a partition so he won't be able to take a glimpse of his NEW BRIDE...His WIFE... It hit me real hard today. In March 2013 I am finally gonna be married. After 5 years of dating, the day has finally been decided. And our wedding day will mark our 6th year of relationship *smile*.

However, the bridal gown shopping was quite stressful. Having 4, mommy, Hani, Dianah and me of course although half the time no one was listening to me... :(  different opinions at EVERY boutique and arguments in front of the sales girls. Typical us.  But that's how we bond. Hilarious to us but I dunno about the sales girls.

All boutiques we went to, the staffs were so friendly and nice. Except for two. Wanted to slap their faces. Because of that we just left their stores. But luckily they didn't carry any nice gowns or else we would have to suck it in and bare with their low class attitude towards us.

Can't wait for next Saturday for part 2 dress up session. Sorry I can't post ANY pictures of the dresses I tried on cause I wanna keep it TOP-SECRET. Won't even describe it. *wink*

Hani &  Dianah got excited with the accessories

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