Monday, 10 September 2012

J -to-the L.O

Oh my Gawd !! Did you guys read about JLO , THE JENNIFER LOPEZ, is coming to Malaysia for her Dance Again World Music Tour 2012 ?? Well....she will be coming this December 2nd performing at Stadium Merdeka !!

I jumped up and down literally with JOY and EXCITEMENT. My coming here. Finally...i get to see her in concert. Shaking that awesome booty and those spectacular dance moves right in front of my eyes !

The tickets have gone on Sale form Sept 8 and I have purchased mine! Yup !! You read it right ! Tasneem has her JLO concert tickets. I bought FRONT ROW worth RM 658  (FREE STANDING) for Ikhwan Sha and me and we're both soooo freaking excited !!  And to those who purchase before end of this month, you can enjoy up to 15% discount using your VISA card.

Can't wait to Party on The Floor with her !! JLO JLO JLO. I grew up listening to all her music and they helped me get through some hard times in my life. Wish I could meet her and thank her personally for everything her music did to me.... and for her actually introducing to the world that big ASSES are sexy!

See here for more details on her concert and tickets etc. I LOVE JENNIFER LOPEZ !! 

"Don't be fooled by the rocks that I've got
I'm still ..I'm still Jenny from the block
Use to have a lil now I have alot
No matter where I go , I'll always know where I came from
The BRONX ! "

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