Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Ethereal by Mia Iskandar

Dearest brides-to-be , I recently came across a NEW website which offers wedding rentals. For brides outfits, veils etc more on the Muslimah side of Nikah and Reception. She has gorgeous Traditional but somewhat modernized outfits for rent. 

Apparently, she is a young inspiring designer who just kicked off her business. Check out her collection here. Seriously...I emailed her for an outfit which I have my eye set on for my Nikah and OMG it's so freaking affordable. I couldn't believe the price she was offering.

For those B2B's who are still not set on wedding rentals etc, you have gotsta seriously take a look at her collections. However, I assume as she in NEW, she has limited items on her website for now. But apparently, in her email quotation for the outfit I requested on, she also mentioned that she does HANTARAN GUBAHAN and she can design for me my dream outfit and sew it also at a good price compared to all other designers I have requested quotation from

Am making an appointment with her this weekend, to actually see the Nikah outfit and Ikhwan said he wanted a certain design and since she is charging at a very good price, we have decided to ask Ethereal to design our Nikah & Reception outfit (for Ikhwan's side) as I will be wearing white gown for my reception.

Wohoooo ....so excited ! Wedding prep....Here we gooo !! For more info you can contact her at by.miaiskandar@gmail.com

Good luck oh fellow Brides-to-be !! Let the planning BEGIN ..

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