Saturday, 22 September 2012

Wedding Gown Hunt

What a freaking loooooooong day we had. Went for part 1 Wedding Gown survey. From 12 noon up till 6 pm. I was literally tired of taking my clothes off at every store. But it was super-duper FUN !!

Fell in love with plenty of bridal gowns. Many more to try next week. Can't seem to decide which one to choose. All of them looked so bloody gorgeous! 

The price range we surveyed started from RM 1,200 up to RM 2,000 didn't think it would be that much but hey...I'm only getting married once right? but it was all to-die-for and worth renting. Even just for one night! Can't wait for Ikhwan to actually see me in the dress on our wedding day. Noooo I am not allowing him to see me in it until the very second we have to walk down the isle.

Yup...when we get ready I requested for a partition so he won't be able to take a glimpse of his NEW BRIDE...His WIFE... It hit me real hard today. In March 2013 I am finally gonna be married. After 5 years of dating, the day has finally been decided. And our wedding day will mark our 6th year of relationship *smile*.

However, the bridal gown shopping was quite stressful. Having 4, mommy, Hani, Dianah and me of course although half the time no one was listening to me... :(  different opinions at EVERY boutique and arguments in front of the sales girls. Typical us.  But that's how we bond. Hilarious to us but I dunno about the sales girls.

All boutiques we went to, the staffs were so friendly and nice. Except for two. Wanted to slap their faces. Because of that we just left their stores. But luckily they didn't carry any nice gowns or else we would have to suck it in and bare with their low class attitude towards us.

Can't wait for next Saturday for part 2 dress up session. Sorry I can't post ANY pictures of the dresses I tried on cause I wanna keep it TOP-SECRET. Won't even describe it. *wink*

Hani &  Dianah got excited with the accessories

Friday, 14 September 2012

Your Royal Highness

It was 8am and Dianah and me were at KLCC Park ready. Waiting at the front of the railings ... for The Royal Highnesses, Prince William & Princess Catherine. I actually applied leave from work just to catch a glimpse of them and it was so freaking worth it.

Dianah and myself were impatiently waiting .... and waiting.... and waiting.... and the crowd kept getting bigger and bigger. Lucky us, we were one of the FIRST there so we were in front. Finally it was 10.30 and we heard the police car siren and everyone starts screaming.

The black car drove and stopped. The door swung open...and all you could hear were screams ! They literally walked pass Dianah and me. But nope. They didn't stop what-so-ever to greet any of us! They got into their ride and rode off into the park to where the performances etc were waiting for them.

We ran like mad people. Through the crowds, to the other side of the park, pushing, screaming, trying to not fall down. Pushed the plants around us...and FINALLY...I was there. Dianah? Who's Dianah...I lost her in the crowd. She was so slow! I wouldn't miss an opportunity like this.

So at the other side, I dunno how, but I managed to squeeze to the front again. And William walked pass and I was like " Your Royal Highness, Please sign this for me!! Please!! " He just walked pass me. I was like CRAP! I brought the Royal Highness Plate Hani ordered from UK back then, which was especially made for their wedding.

Anyway, FINALLY....The PRINCESS !! She got closer and closer and I yelled " Your Royal Highness, Please sign this for me...Please...Please..." And she stopped. Looked at ME...ME !!! And replied " Sorry Dear, she called ME dear  I am not allowed to sign anything! "

I asked her again " Please your Royal Highness". And again she replied "I'm sorry Dear..I can't"

Then I asked her back " Then can I please hold your hand?"

The Princess...The Catherine....The Duchess...Handed out her hand to ME....Tasneem Najeeb and said " Well then, come on Dear .... Give me your hand....."

And I shook her hand ! I SHOOK HER HAND !! The Princess had a "conversation" with me... That was our conversation...." Well then, come on Dear... Give me your hand" in the softest, kindest way ever! *melts*

After that I pushed my way out of the crowd and started searching for my lost sister... When later I found, was in the park just standing way way behind I think she got annoyed with the crowd and decided to give up

I LOVE TODAY !! Such a beautiful day ! Then I got a text from Ikhwan saying I'm on MSN Malaysia. My picture. Got so excited and realized my face sooooo small in the crowd. But MY PRINCE CHARMING managed to spot me ! *melts*

Check out the pictures Dianah and me managed to get with our BB's. Enjoy !!

Dianah & Me while waiting for their arrival

MSN Malaysia

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Ethereal by Mia Iskandar

Dearest brides-to-be , I recently came across a NEW website which offers wedding rentals. For brides outfits, veils etc more on the Muslimah side of Nikah and Reception. She has gorgeous Traditional but somewhat modernized outfits for rent. 

Apparently, she is a young inspiring designer who just kicked off her business. Check out her collection here. Seriously...I emailed her for an outfit which I have my eye set on for my Nikah and OMG it's so freaking affordable. I couldn't believe the price she was offering.

For those B2B's who are still not set on wedding rentals etc, you have gotsta seriously take a look at her collections. However, I assume as she in NEW, she has limited items on her website for now. But apparently, in her email quotation for the outfit I requested on, she also mentioned that she does HANTARAN GUBAHAN and she can design for me my dream outfit and sew it also at a good price compared to all other designers I have requested quotation from

Am making an appointment with her this weekend, to actually see the Nikah outfit and Ikhwan said he wanted a certain design and since she is charging at a very good price, we have decided to ask Ethereal to design our Nikah & Reception outfit (for Ikhwan's side) as I will be wearing white gown for my reception.

Wohoooo excited ! Wedding prep....Here we gooo !! For more info you can contact her at

Good luck oh fellow Brides-to-be !! Let the planning BEGIN ..

Monday, 10 September 2012

J -to-the L.O

Oh my Gawd !! Did you guys read about JLO , THE JENNIFER LOPEZ, is coming to Malaysia for her Dance Again World Music Tour 2012 ?? Well....she will be coming this December 2nd performing at Stadium Merdeka !!

I jumped up and down literally with JOY and EXCITEMENT. My coming here. Finally...i get to see her in concert. Shaking that awesome booty and those spectacular dance moves right in front of my eyes !

The tickets have gone on Sale form Sept 8 and I have purchased mine! Yup !! You read it right ! Tasneem has her JLO concert tickets. I bought FRONT ROW worth RM 658  (FREE STANDING) for Ikhwan Sha and me and we're both soooo freaking excited !!  And to those who purchase before end of this month, you can enjoy up to 15% discount using your VISA card.

Can't wait to Party on The Floor with her !! JLO JLO JLO. I grew up listening to all her music and they helped me get through some hard times in my life. Wish I could meet her and thank her personally for everything her music did to me.... and for her actually introducing to the world that big ASSES are sexy!

See here for more details on her concert and tickets etc. I LOVE JENNIFER LOPEZ !! 

"Don't be fooled by the rocks that I've got
I'm still ..I'm still Jenny from the block
Use to have a lil now I have alot
No matter where I go , I'll always know where I came from
The BRONX ! "

Pictures Courtesy of Google