Monday, 27 August 2012

Vacation Bliss

Just came back from a very long relaxing vacation and will be back at work officially tomorrow! Where did I go for my vacation? To an Island. Relaxed by the beach...had some VIRGIN Pinacolada and Peppermint Tea, with the nice cold wind blowing through my hair. Sound of waves and view of the sea with clear blue sky as there was an eagle flying in circles. Also not forgetting the horses running back and forth in front of my view horse-back riding  by the beach.

At that moment, the entire world just collapsed and disappeared. All my stress from work and thoughts just cleared away. I literally fell asleep on the chair facing the sea and my friends were laughing. That was how relaxed I was. And we sat there in silence half the time from 5pm up till 10.30 pm and that also we left coz my tummy was hungry! 

I had the ultimate best vacation since January. I have never ever I mean seriously felt that relaxed. Like the weight on my shoulder is gone. Half the year's stress emptied out. After doing alot of beach island holiday stuff, which also means eating non stop, I have put on so much holiday weight by the way I managed to squeeze in SPA session! 

I went to the Spa ALONE for the first time ever. Just wanted that ALONE time, away from everyone and everything. I thought I would be able to relax and fall asleep during my 2 hour massage. But guess what. NOPE !! I didn't ... Why? No no no the messues was very good indeed. But I had way to many knots in my neck, legs and thighs. 

So yups, It was painful half the time. She was trying to loosen the knots. But after that, she drew me a bubble bath and told me to relax in it and boy was I superbly relaxed. I was sleepy at that moment but was afraid to sleep cause I was alone and afraid that I might drown and die! Can you imagine reading the papers, "Woman relaxed her way to drowning in Bathtub after a massage"

Well, I am BACK baybeh....Clocking in work at 9am tomorrow and that's my vacation untill end of the year. Next is my honeymoon. Which reminds me. Crap. Gotsta start the wedding prep seriously like seriously now. Clock is ticking. Boy am I excited !  

My Bathtub in The Spa

My Massage bed

My Bathrobe to put on

The sink area

My morning must-have Caramel Latte'

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