Monday, 27 August 2012

Baby Crazy

Ever since I can remember, I have ALWAYS wanted a baby and can't hardly wait to have one. Now, that it is official me getting married and all, I get even more excited when I see baby stuff on sale. Sometimes I end up buyin em' for my future un-born children. Hey you may never know what's the price like 3 years from now.

Anyway, mom and all thinks I'm crazy for doing that. She always call me "Perempuan Gila" (Crazy woman) . Today, she came home with 2 books of "Tell The Time" . I asked her who's that for? And she said one for my Lil Cousin Farah and the other for my unborn child. She thought I would like it. 

How funny yet crazy of my mom. Yes I did buy some children book last year during the Big Bad Wolf Book sale. I mean hey!!! They were freaking CHEAP. Disney bedtime story books were at RM5 and Peter Rabbit books at RM5 for a set of 4....YOU would be crazy for NOT buying em'

Anyway, check out the new book for my baby books collection for my smartest un-born children ! Wohooo....I'm waiting next for sale on "Peter & Jane" books since I grew up reading and learning English from them. I want my kids to be just like their mommy. Only better !! 

Tell The Time

Some pages from the book

There you go ! 

And this is Lil Farah, all grown up at 1 year old recently. She can walk already. Remember her in my previous post. You can read here about her. There's plenty more. Well, she can walk now and she won't stop walking. She has gotten so much smarter now. Like seriously smart. Ikhwan and I have decided to feed out future un-born children the same milk formula my aunt feeds her. Hehehehe. Have fun viewing my cute cousin.

Her trying to lick the Glass table

Still not giving up

Decided to just drool 

Gave up

Her face reaction when you say "Eeeeeeeee Farah berak" (Eeeeeeeew Farah poooped)

She would do this Eeeeeee face and sound too. Managed to capture her Eeeeee face.

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