Sunday, 1 July 2012


It's July already! And I have not started on any wedding plans. I mean I have the ideas in my head but have not put them into work. 

Location for Nikah is the only one done and booked. Reception location still pending for decision. Mommy has the final decision in her hand. Wedding dress ? Nope not yet. But a dear friend of mine says she will design my Nikah outfit for me. And I trust her 110% cause of her taste and talent.

Reception gown? Will start searching only in December. Or is that too late? Door gifts? Have my mind set on certain things already. Hantaran? My idea of hantaran was shut down by mommy. So guess that means hantaran is not even close to being settled.

Ikhwan's ring? Can wait ... *wink* What else is there? Oh the worst thing and the most hatred thing. The guest list. I am having such a huge issue on that. Here is my dilemma. My current office consist of 40 people. And I can't invite ALL of them mommy's rule. I would have to choose the closest ones to me. Like there even is.

Anyway, whenever anyone gets married in the office, they invite EVERYONE including their kids and spouse. BUT , their wedding is not the one sitting kind. It's the one where the function starts from 12-4pm and people would keep walking in and out. However, my function is gonna be a one sitting session where per head is gonna cost slightly expensive compared to theirs, I would assume.

So how can I invite all 40 of them without their spouse's names on the invitation? It seems kinda rude. And the issue is EVERYONE in the office keeps saying "oooh, your next. when is it?" I would inform it's in March and they would answer "don't forget to invite us" or some would ask where is it and I would tell the both locations and they would reply "oh , good it's nearby here"

Thing is...they are not invited. So to avoid any drama, what way should I tell them that they aren't invited which won't offend them? *sigh* No clue on how to do that. Darn it!

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  1. don't worry..everything will be okay..
    your should start earlier for your wedding gown and my idea to avoid any drama.. you should tell them it's a family-close frenz wedding so that you don't invite officemate coz the invitations is limited juz like I do hehe