Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I just realized I have only 1 freaking post in July . Sorry peeps. Been pretty busy. Anyway, I have this new "thing" that has been bugging my soul.

Girls in HIJAB who forgot the reason / purpose they should be wearing hijab. And this so so annoying. Like seriously annoying!

Have you seen girls in scarf's who dress indecently ? Wearing Hijab but with short sleeve shirts, or three quarter sleeves or even with see-through sleeves? WHY oh WHY ?? Plenty dress like that now-a-days and some even wear such tight jeans/pants where I can literally see their arse shapes and tops which are so revealing with very visible cup size "guessing game" when you walk pass them.

It is so sad that these girls, THINK they are such good Muslims while waltzing around giving weird looks at us-Muslims girls who do NOT wear hijab. Like they are doing something right and we are going to hell for not covering up. Now, can I please see a show of hands on how you think it's stupid of them to judge us for not covering our aurat' when they are showing off their body shape and sizes?


The other part is where these girls have the nerve to talk about us not knowing our religions etc. Trying to preach to us how we as Muslims should be covering our hair etc. Hello.....I can bet you a million dollars that I am way innocent than you! Yes you! Who is "covering" her aurat' . We are not the ones who make out in stairways and get caught! We are not the one who hide all our love bites underneath the hijab. (trust me I have seen in when I was studying in Islamic School)

And these girls - and when I say girls in Hijab, I mean the kind who show off all as stated the above. To those who wear Hijab and do not dress like them, well please don't feel offended. It is not meant for ALL hijab users. Just these particular girls-

God so irritating ! Damn !!

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