Saturday, 28 July 2012

Man vs Food

Oh dear gawd ! I am so freaking full from dinner. Ikhwan and me went for dinner together after watching The Dark Night Rises and it was awesome ! I LIKED it. Anyway, after the movie, we headed to Paddington House of Pancakes to break our fast.

We had the Ramdhan Buffet and it was worth every penny. Seriously! It cost RM55++ per head for adults and they have a special menu for the buffet. The best part is, they prepare the food upon your order. So it is FRESH from the kitchen.

We ate so many freaking things. And if we were to have eaten like that, it would have cost us a bomb. Pictures? Sorry we were too hungry and excited when our plates of food kept arriving and arriving to our table.

The Buffet consists of if I'm not mistaken 15 types of main dish and 7 types of dessert and 4 types of drinks. With nachos as well. Oooish. Ikhwan was eating like a duke. Literally.

During in between breaks we were talking bout our previous relationships and laughing about it. How childish we were back then or how much we have changed and grown up. We even spoke about how we were back then in our early stages of our relationship. It was amusing and like geeze....I did that? I was like that? Seriously?? Kind of conversation. It was fun in a weird way.

Anyway,Ikhwan had like 5 plates of dishes laid in front of him and he was taking a bite from ever plate for every mouth he had. It's like he was going bonkers with all the choices of food. The look on his face was amazing. Seeing him light up over food. I love him!

We sat at Paddington till 9.30pm and decided to give up since we couldn't stuff ourselves no more. *sigh* What-a-meal we had. I think if they were open till 11pm, Ikhwan and me would continue ordering. 

Our date ended early for the first time :( cause I am working tomorrow! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. EARN more for my wedding! Wedding plans? Hmmm please don't ask. I gotta prepare for my TBE exam on the 3rd of August and pass it first then Ikhwan and me will really seriously start all the wedding preps.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I just realized I have only 1 freaking post in July . Sorry peeps. Been pretty busy. Anyway, I have this new "thing" that has been bugging my soul.

Girls in HIJAB who forgot the reason / purpose they should be wearing hijab. And this so so annoying. Like seriously annoying!

Have you seen girls in scarf's who dress indecently ? Wearing Hijab but with short sleeve shirts, or three quarter sleeves or even with see-through sleeves? WHY oh WHY ?? Plenty dress like that now-a-days and some even wear such tight jeans/pants where I can literally see their arse shapes and tops which are so revealing with very visible cup size "guessing game" when you walk pass them.

It is so sad that these girls, THINK they are such good Muslims while waltzing around giving weird looks at us-Muslims girls who do NOT wear hijab. Like they are doing something right and we are going to hell for not covering up. Now, can I please see a show of hands on how you think it's stupid of them to judge us for not covering our aurat' when they are showing off their body shape and sizes?


The other part is where these girls have the nerve to talk about us not knowing our religions etc. Trying to preach to us how we as Muslims should be covering our hair etc. Hello.....I can bet you a million dollars that I am way innocent than you! Yes you! Who is "covering" her aurat' . We are not the ones who make out in stairways and get caught! We are not the one who hide all our love bites underneath the hijab. (trust me I have seen in when I was studying in Islamic School)

And these girls - and when I say girls in Hijab, I mean the kind who show off all as stated the above. To those who wear Hijab and do not dress like them, well please don't feel offended. It is not meant for ALL hijab users. Just these particular girls-

God so irritating ! Damn !!

Sunday, 1 July 2012


It's July already! And I have not started on any wedding plans. I mean I have the ideas in my head but have not put them into work. 

Location for Nikah is the only one done and booked. Reception location still pending for decision. Mommy has the final decision in her hand. Wedding dress ? Nope not yet. But a dear friend of mine says she will design my Nikah outfit for me. And I trust her 110% cause of her taste and talent.

Reception gown? Will start searching only in December. Or is that too late? Door gifts? Have my mind set on certain things already. Hantaran? My idea of hantaran was shut down by mommy. So guess that means hantaran is not even close to being settled.

Ikhwan's ring? Can wait ... *wink* What else is there? Oh the worst thing and the most hatred thing. The guest list. I am having such a huge issue on that. Here is my dilemma. My current office consist of 40 people. And I can't invite ALL of them mommy's rule. I would have to choose the closest ones to me. Like there even is.

Anyway, whenever anyone gets married in the office, they invite EVERYONE including their kids and spouse. BUT , their wedding is not the one sitting kind. It's the one where the function starts from 12-4pm and people would keep walking in and out. However, my function is gonna be a one sitting session where per head is gonna cost slightly expensive compared to theirs, I would assume.

So how can I invite all 40 of them without their spouse's names on the invitation? It seems kinda rude. And the issue is EVERYONE in the office keeps saying "oooh, your next. when is it?" I would inform it's in March and they would answer "don't forget to invite us" or some would ask where is it and I would tell the both locations and they would reply "oh , good it's nearby here"

Thing is...they are not invited. So to avoid any drama, what way should I tell them that they aren't invited which won't offend them? *sigh* No clue on how to do that. Darn it!