Thursday, 14 June 2012


I had an argument with Ikhwan on Tuesday and got so pissed off with me. So what I did was completely ignore him from Tuesday night till today! He texted me alot and I just ignored him completely. It was driving me insane!! Cause I missed him so much and was so tempted to text him back.

I kept myself strong and held it in for 2 whole days without texting him or replying him. Guess what happened! I came home today after work, I saw a PRESENT on my bed!! I ran down asked Dianah my younger sister when did Ikhwan come by. She said just now, and asked her to put the gift on my bed!

A Rose and in the envelope is a mixed CD he made for me with so bloody many meaningful romantic songs. On how he is sorry and how he loves me and how he lonely *hehehe* he felt when I "walked" away! 

How can I not cry? Will upload the mix-CD he made soon. He is on the way to pick me up for dinner! God!! I LOVE THIS MAN SO MUCH! TOO MUCH!!
Thank you my dearest love. You can be pretty romantic sometimes! 

ps: I dunno how to add the music but oh my goodness!!! I have fallen even more in love with him! Ikhwan said the CD is what he wishes to say to me but he doesn't know how so he lets the music speak to me! *melts*

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