Sunday, 10 June 2012

My Guilty Pleasure

I have been so hooked into reading E L James's books. It's a trilogy and ,Oh my GOODNESS!!! Fantastic! Seriously couldn't put the book down. Finished all 3 books less than a week. Imagine all the sneaking around during working hours just to read the next chapter and the next cause it just doesn't stop getting interesting and better and shocking. 

If you're 18 and above then you should be allowed to read this book. And boy !! Does it make your mind run wild. I am head over heels totally in love with the main character Christian Grey who is by the way fiction! I am quite pissed at the writer for creating such character, that will never be found, under any circumstances.

It's about love, romance, commitment, life, wealth etc. Don't wanna tell you at all a lil about it but trust me! Go grab the book and you will not regret.I laughed out loud, gasp with horror and excitement. Even cry when I could feel was so sad. I won't tell you why and what but I wish there was more and more. On Christian. For me to read and learn and know. See what I mean? Am going mad! That's how good her writing is.

I have been day dreaming about Christian all week. Told Ikhwan straight forward that I am " cheating" on him and having an "affair" with Mr Christian Grey and guess what he answers back.

" As long as I am the one who ends up marrying you , it's fine by me". Sweet of him. Luv Ikhwan Sha *smile*

Pfft....he never gets jealous ! EVER ! That's a whole other story. Anyway, I am strongly recommending you ladies out there to grab yourself E L James's book. Title ? Will put it up below! And be sure to read it when your all ALONE *Wink*

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

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