Saturday, 30 June 2012

Himalaya Bath Salt

I have been using Himalaya Salt lately to get better skin and cure my dryness. It works guys! I am so happy with the results that I got. All I did was use it everyday during bath time allowed to use once a day only  and the results were fast showing. 

After a good use for 3 months to be precise, I can feel, and see the difference. Even Ikhwan thinks so. Well, since I have used it and found it to be REAL , I have decided to promote to you people about the product.

Basically, if you were to walk in a spa and do this particular Himalaya Salt bath treatment, per session would cost you RM180.00 and the best part is they use the EXACT same brand as I am. I accidentally saw the spa-lady opening the packet and pouring it into her so-called brand-less glass jar and quickly wrote the brand name down and tracked the supplier . And when I bought it from the supplier directly,I realized that a 10 day session costs me only RM30.00 for 800g. *phew*

Since I have been buying directly from the supplier, I have decided to help those who wish to use the salt to be able to purchase it from here via me, for RM30.00 too. Postal charges though is not yet included. You would have to bare the cost.

I am aware that some places outside are selling a pack of 800g Himalaya Salt is at RM10.00 but please guys, there are so many FAKE ones out there. Trust me! I know! I have been cheated already. This one is 100% pure Himalaya Salt.

The benefits of using this salt are
Better glowing skin
Softer & Smoother skin
For those who have rash / allergy on body
For dry skin and itchy skin
Sweet smell 

Method of using
2 hand grasp and into the tub or pail
Add lukewarm water so salt will dissolve
Bathe or soak your body

Just try it for 60 days and you will feel & see the difference

Just drop me an email at and leave your contact details and order quantity and I shall reply you immediately with your quotation. Thank you.

ps: sorry for the bad photography & quality

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