Sunday, 24 June 2012

Feeling Blue

Ladies! You know how we have always wanted a certain wedding, with certain colours, and flowers, and music with decorations and all that ? Well, as a kid growing up, I have ALWAYS wanted a fairy-tale wedding with a romantic theme, with gorgeous flowers and centre pieces. But NOW, this very minute, I don't want all that no more.

I have no mood in planning my wedding at all. To be honest with you, all I want is a very small ceremony with around 200 guests and a very simple wedding. What I am so looking forward to now is the after-married-life. I am more interested in checking out kitchens, cabinets, wardrobes,plates and all the household decorations and electric appliances instead of searching for locations, clothes, photographer etc

I am searching for houses & condo's instead of halls and flower decorator. I wish , I just so wish I could waltz down this very minute and tell my mom I want a small ceremony and that's all. But I am 200% certain it will turn out into an argument. That's what's wrong with you parents out there.

You wanna plan your kids wedding as if it is YOUR wedding. ALL the guests are gonna be YOUR guests. To me , it is just plain ridiculous. If it wasn't about all these lil details , Ikhwan and me can be married even next month. Some idiots in the family will get pissed off if they are not invited and bla-bla-bla. I just don't understand why ALL the far relatives or those who never converse with us so regularly will get ticked off when they do NOT get an invitation. So funny how these human behave at times.

How I wish my dream wedding would come true. The small simple, and romantic type. *sigh*Then we can be living as husband and wife.And that is the part I so cannot wait for. The moving in with him, cooking, cleaning, snuggling on the couch. The baking teatime and all the FUN stuff. You know!! Argh!! This is driving me insane! 

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  1. I hope it's not too late to wish u. congratulations bride to be! <3