Saturday, 30 June 2012

Himalaya Bath Salt

I have been using Himalaya Salt lately to get better skin and cure my dryness. It works guys! I am so happy with the results that I got. All I did was use it everyday during bath time allowed to use once a day only  and the results were fast showing. 

After a good use for 3 months to be precise, I can feel, and see the difference. Even Ikhwan thinks so. Well, since I have used it and found it to be REAL , I have decided to promote to you people about the product.

Basically, if you were to walk in a spa and do this particular Himalaya Salt bath treatment, per session would cost you RM180.00 and the best part is they use the EXACT same brand as I am. I accidentally saw the spa-lady opening the packet and pouring it into her so-called brand-less glass jar and quickly wrote the brand name down and tracked the supplier . And when I bought it from the supplier directly,I realized that a 10 day session costs me only RM30.00 for 800g. *phew*

Since I have been buying directly from the supplier, I have decided to help those who wish to use the salt to be able to purchase it from here via me, for RM30.00 too. Postal charges though is not yet included. You would have to bare the cost.

I am aware that some places outside are selling a pack of 800g Himalaya Salt is at RM10.00 but please guys, there are so many FAKE ones out there. Trust me! I know! I have been cheated already. This one is 100% pure Himalaya Salt.

The benefits of using this salt are
Better glowing skin
Softer & Smoother skin
For those who have rash / allergy on body
For dry skin and itchy skin
Sweet smell 

Method of using
2 hand grasp and into the tub or pail
Add lukewarm water so salt will dissolve
Bathe or soak your body

Just try it for 60 days and you will feel & see the difference

Just drop me an email at and leave your contact details and order quantity and I shall reply you immediately with your quotation. Thank you.

ps: sorry for the bad photography & quality

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Feeling Blue

Ladies! You know how we have always wanted a certain wedding, with certain colours, and flowers, and music with decorations and all that ? Well, as a kid growing up, I have ALWAYS wanted a fairy-tale wedding with a romantic theme, with gorgeous flowers and centre pieces. But NOW, this very minute, I don't want all that no more.

I have no mood in planning my wedding at all. To be honest with you, all I want is a very small ceremony with around 200 guests and a very simple wedding. What I am so looking forward to now is the after-married-life. I am more interested in checking out kitchens, cabinets, wardrobes,plates and all the household decorations and electric appliances instead of searching for locations, clothes, photographer etc

I am searching for houses & condo's instead of halls and flower decorator. I wish , I just so wish I could waltz down this very minute and tell my mom I want a small ceremony and that's all. But I am 200% certain it will turn out into an argument. That's what's wrong with you parents out there.

You wanna plan your kids wedding as if it is YOUR wedding. ALL the guests are gonna be YOUR guests. To me , it is just plain ridiculous. If it wasn't about all these lil details , Ikhwan and me can be married even next month. Some idiots in the family will get pissed off if they are not invited and bla-bla-bla. I just don't understand why ALL the far relatives or those who never converse with us so regularly will get ticked off when they do NOT get an invitation. So funny how these human behave at times.

How I wish my dream wedding would come true. The small simple, and romantic type. *sigh*Then we can be living as husband and wife.And that is the part I so cannot wait for. The moving in with him, cooking, cleaning, snuggling on the couch. The baking teatime and all the FUN stuff. You know!! Argh!! This is driving me insane! 

Sunday, 17 June 2012


I have never  had a more fucked up day than today. Excuse my language but I have had enough with this and boy can't I wait to walk away! I am so frustrated I dunno how to let my anger go. So here goes. Trust me I am so certain I will get a comment or text soon saying "Don't throw your dirty laundry in public la ok" FUCK I care!! You're getting worst as days go by! EVERYONE sees it, and EVERYONE can't stand this shit from you no more. There will be a day (which happened earlier and you used us and left us after that) where you will need us again and trust me , when that day comes, WE ALL wouldn't give a shit already. In fact, that is also happening now, as we speak!

She has this really fucked up character where you can only sit with her for 5 minutes and you will feel annoyed. Ask anyone. She acts like she is so smart and knows EVERYTHING. And one thing I HATE the most is whenever she sees you, she will comment IN FRONT OF EVERYONE, why your shirt like that, why your hair like that, OMG you're so fat!!

But guess what?? SHE is the FATTEST one and her dressing sucks and her hair is so dead and dry and if I were to open my mouth and say back " umm I think your fatter than me!" She will pull this one fucked up face and say "got nothing nice to say no need talk." wtf RIGHT?

And I was excitedly telling her about a story at work with my client and she asnwers so Fucking arrogantly .Oh have you offered him the best so he will sign up with you? Take the initiative to give him better than what other companies are giving him and I keep repeating, I CAN'T cause this is not my company and it runs on standard T&C. 

She answers, no... I am sure you all can do better surely you can request better offer. I mentioned again, what we have given him is what I have requested for the BEST and it's up to there. The rest is in his hands weather wanna sign with us or not. She answers, NO! Sure there is better ....and she starts talking like as if I am dumb using oh not so big words.Yeah! So you think you are a manager you know how to negotiate? Hahahaha.....I have done SALES LINE longer than you and I am certain I am better at it than you! That is A FACT!!

And if she wants to go NOW everyone must go now. And if she wants to talk bad and criticize anyone SHE can! No one else can! I have been so freaking patient with her character and I have had ENOUGH! I am putting a stop to this and you can rot for all I care.

Always behave so argh!!!!! I dunno what word to use . Even Bitchy is not good enough! That is how bad it is. Oooh and I accidentally mentioned the other bitches name in front of her, ACCIDENTALLY! She barked and barked but you wanna know what? The new toy in her neighbourhood has more say to her than any of us. 

"Oh, he scolded me when I say about... like...He keeps scolding me...!!!"

It is so FUNNY how someone you JUST met 3 months ago who obviously is just being nice can SCOLD you and you listen and can talk and mention her name and it is FINE! hahaha

You have always listened to other people and they are the only ones allowed to scold you and you will listen. You think how much will outsiders care if you listen or not. NONE!! Stop being a dumb fuck! STOP it...It is so fucking annoying. DUMB FUCK!!! 

Hate the sentence "Oh he scold me when I say ....or he scold me for....he scold me for...." WHO CARES!!! Who is he?? NOBODY!! Let us see how long he will stick around! Then I wanna laugh out loud. ARRRRGHHGHGHG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can make such a HUGE issue on where to eat and wanna cry and shout like as if "Oh my life is so terrible". Did it EVER once occur to you WHY your life is terrible? IT IS YOU!! Driving everyone around you away cause of your fucked up behaviour. Let me say it once loud and clear! YOU ARE NOT GREAT! YOU ARE NOT SMART NOR THE CORRECT ONE ALL THE TIME. YOU ARE SO IMPATIENT. YOU ARE RUDE. YOU ARE TOO SENSITIVE. YOU ARE A SADIST. YOU ARE STUBBORN AND STUPID. YOU ARE ARROGANT. YOU ARE ANNOYING. YOU ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO LIVE WITH!!!!! YOU ARE MORE AND MORE . 


Thursday, 14 June 2012


I had an argument with Ikhwan on Tuesday and got so pissed off with me. So what I did was completely ignore him from Tuesday night till today! He texted me alot and I just ignored him completely. It was driving me insane!! Cause I missed him so much and was so tempted to text him back.

I kept myself strong and held it in for 2 whole days without texting him or replying him. Guess what happened! I came home today after work, I saw a PRESENT on my bed!! I ran down asked Dianah my younger sister when did Ikhwan come by. She said just now, and asked her to put the gift on my bed!

A Rose and in the envelope is a mixed CD he made for me with so bloody many meaningful romantic songs. On how he is sorry and how he loves me and how he lonely *hehehe* he felt when I "walked" away! 

How can I not cry? Will upload the mix-CD he made soon. He is on the way to pick me up for dinner! God!! I LOVE THIS MAN SO MUCH! TOO MUCH!!
Thank you my dearest love. You can be pretty romantic sometimes! 

ps: I dunno how to add the music but oh my goodness!!! I have fallen even more in love with him! Ikhwan said the CD is what he wishes to say to me but he doesn't know how so he lets the music speak to me! *melts*

Sunday, 10 June 2012

My Guilty Pleasure

I have been so hooked into reading E L James's books. It's a trilogy and ,Oh my GOODNESS!!! Fantastic! Seriously couldn't put the book down. Finished all 3 books less than a week. Imagine all the sneaking around during working hours just to read the next chapter and the next cause it just doesn't stop getting interesting and better and shocking. 

If you're 18 and above then you should be allowed to read this book. And boy !! Does it make your mind run wild. I am head over heels totally in love with the main character Christian Grey who is by the way fiction! I am quite pissed at the writer for creating such character, that will never be found, under any circumstances.

It's about love, romance, commitment, life, wealth etc. Don't wanna tell you at all a lil about it but trust me! Go grab the book and you will not regret.I laughed out loud, gasp with horror and excitement. Even cry when I could feel was so sad. I won't tell you why and what but I wish there was more and more. On Christian. For me to read and learn and know. See what I mean? Am going mad! That's how good her writing is.

I have been day dreaming about Christian all week. Told Ikhwan straight forward that I am " cheating" on him and having an "affair" with Mr Christian Grey and guess what he answers back.

" As long as I am the one who ends up marrying you , it's fine by me". Sweet of him. Luv Ikhwan Sha *smile*

Pfft....he never gets jealous ! EVER ! That's a whole other story. Anyway, I am strongly recommending you ladies out there to grab yourself E L James's book. Title ? Will put it up below! And be sure to read it when your all ALONE *Wink*

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Lazy sunday

Haven't been writting for a while now. As usual.have been pretty busy. This weekend has been a long lazy weekend. Took leave on thursday and friday and bumoed over at my elder sisters place. All I did was read , tv, eat and sit around with my night gown. 

Now it's sunday. So fast... Have to work tomorrow. Haish! Wish everyday was a holiday. Add the freakishly hot weather to it. Wedding plans? Still bumming around on it. Yup!! It's almost near.ALMOST..can't hardly wait no more. Now back to my last few hours of Sunday.