Sunday, 13 May 2012

Look What I Found !!

So went out for a date with my honey bunny yesterday to One Utama. And we couldn't resist stepping into MPH to check if his books are on the shelves already and guess what?? THEY ARE!!

Well, me being the me that I have always been and will always be, removed the book form the shelve we found his book at and I placed it at the best-seller section, highlights etc. That way, people who walk in the book store will NEVER miss his book. 

Hey , that's what every author does I am very certain of it. Only they do not share.  Ya don't believe me ? Even during his book launch, many authors advised Ikhwan to do that. Walk in every book store and reposition your books to more strategic locations. They say it's normal. Every author does that. Booyeah!

Am so freaking proud of him. And you know what melted me the most? The look in his eyes when it sparkled when I showed him his own book on the racks of the book store and the smile he had...oh dear god! Was like an angel shining with bright light. 

ps: this is the ORIGINAL position to where the book is. We just took 4 copies and scattered around the book store. I repeat. It was ORIGINALLY under PILIHAN MENARIK section.

You can grab your copy now at ANY MPH stores throughout Malaysia ! Thank you for your kind support.

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