Thursday, 31 May 2012


I have been so busy past this few weeks. With work and whenever I reach home, I just get too exhausted to update my blog.

Okay let me see. Anything new to update besides work has been suffocating me? Yes!! I have surveyed all, well not all...some wedding venues and have put our names down for the dates. That was some massive weekend you know. So exhausting to go every location and check out the venue. 

Add bitchy arrogant sales people on top of that. Sometimes I just wanna smack the shit out of them. But can;t cause I MIGHT need that location. Hahaha....

Ikhwan has a new project coming up! *crosses fingers* . Oh and latest update is. Part 1. I managed to lose some weight. Just some but at least me didn't get fatter. And B. I just started working on weekends (alternate weekends just one of the days) too. Just so I can claim over time to make more money and and faster pace for my side of wedding.

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