Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Morning !!

Was craving for breakfast. Wanted to eat KoKo-Crunch with milk. Woke Dianah up to follow me to Giant and grab some breakfast. As usual, the sloth took bout half hour to actually respond to me and another 15 minutes to get up. So annoying.

As I was forcing her to go get her shower, Murshid had to be awake and ready to go out. That means bye bye car....And Dianah had the nerve to ask me "so, we going breakfast not?" How are we suppose to go?? The car is gone right??? God!!! Now, I am in my room, so hungry and no food! Mom? She's out with her work. Dad? hmm....sleeping! Plus, he will never let anyone drive his Benz.

Now, my tummy is so tempted for cereal. Thanks to Ikhwan Sha for saying he had cornflakes with milk for breakfast and now thaks to Dianah for just not getting up on time. What a way to start my Sunday morning. Oh and wanted to make coffee. Guess what!! Yup correct!! No Coffee

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