Sunday, 1 April 2012

GayMan in TopMan

I followed my lil cousin shopping on Friday after work. He was keen on buying a new hat *wondering why* . Anyway, we went to all stores and none of them had any that was as nice as TopMan. So this was what happened while I was in TopMan waiting for him to try the hat sizes and pay at the counter.

I noticed ALL the men who walked into TopMan were either gays or metro-sexual type. They were all dressed in the most ridiculous ways and oh dear god! I hope my brother and kids will never dress like those clowns. I mean ALL the men in the store, customers of course  were dressed like idiots. Maybe to some of you out there you might say "it's fashionable and bold" but call me old-fashion, I think its STUPID!

I managed to capture their outfits but please bare with the pictures as they are not so clear. No1 cause my camera sucks and No2 is cause I had to hide and capture these clowns without them realizing it. By the way, NO my cousin does not dress up like that. He was picking up a normal cap.

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