Friday, 6 April 2012

Burger Bakar - Wangsa Maju

Faiz my cousin told me about this famous burger bakar at wangsa maju, in front of Tbun Internet Cafe, about 2 weeks ago and I passed by there once with Ikhwan, Alif & Nurul but left after seeing the long queue. 

So today, after work, Mom decided to go check it out. When we got there, the line was already so long and I wasn't in the mood to wait. But mom said if we don't wait, we will NEVER get to try it. So yeah...we walked all the way to the back of the line. 

The stall only opens at 7.45 pm, but the line was formed at god knows what time cause we only reached there at 6.30pm and already there was so many people waiting in queue. Wonder what time the first person got there. Anyway, we were all waiting there till 7.45 for them to start giving out numbers. Yeah you read it right. Numbers, like in a bank. Wait for your number to be called but you place your order as they give you your number.

There are many types of set. Beef burger (bakar), Chicken Burger (fried), Beef bacon and cheesy sauce. Each set cost RM 7.50 and additional RM 1 for beef bacon & cheesy sauce, (like KFC cheesy wedges) each and every additional beef patty costs RM5.50 I think it's very expensive . Well, each set comes with a drink and 2 Frankfurter sausage. 

We ordered 9 Beef burgers with bacon and cheesy sauce,a-la-carte. Mommy things the sausage is a waste of money. Her exact words were"la..sausage yang biasa. Bukan apa.Waste money only and air pun merepek.". BIG family I have. Oh and their burgers are not cooked on the ordinary burger thingy all Ramli stalls use. But they actually use REAL BBQ set which is the gigantic one like what we see on TV. 

We were number 32 and guess how long it took us before we got our food. 2 WHOLE HOURS. We were there till 8.30pm. Oh and some reporter from The Star Newspaper was there and off all people in line he chose to interview mommy and me. *SHY* and took our pictures. :)

Couldn't snap a picture of the long line so "pinjam" photo from some other blogger. TQ

The owner/cook

Their banner

The staff preparing the burgers

Chicken Burger

Beef Patty NOT Crabby Patty wonder how that taste

More Beef Patty

Cooked Patties

Tower Burger - add as many patties as you want RM 5.50 each

A customer ordered 10 patties Tower

Count em' meat!!

My Cheesy Beef Bacon Burger

Dianah enjoying her burger - she doesn't know I snapped this

So, after eating it, I would have to give my review. And an honest one. THIS BURGER BAKAR IS SO OVERRATED!!! I rank it 3 out of 10. Yup 3!!! I felt like waiting for 2 hours in line was NOT WORTH IT. The beef patty had a weird moist taste, not in a good way, but in a yuckie way. I didn't even finish my burger. I ate the bun and threw the meat!

Will I go back for more and wait in line? HELL NO!!! Sorry. It's just not my cuppa-tea! But according to Dianah it was very good. Not to me. I think my favourite is still b.a road-side burger oblong kambing the one in front of 7-Eleven ,is so much better and I get it in 10 minutes. That also, I would just have to call their mobile and order from home and drive down which is like 2 minutes away and pick em' up.

But Ikhwan says he wants to try it. So I guess I will be going again. But I will wait in the car and let him line up and stuff his cute face! Love him so much! 

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