Sunday, 29 April 2012


It has come to my attention that our humble kind citizens wanted to do a sit-in. A "peaceful" one at Dataran Merdeka but was obviously rejected to that particular location.  Alright fine! So you couldn't have it there and the place does not belong to you it belongs to the Rakyat bla-bla-bla

You know what annoyed me most? You said you wanted a "peaceful" sit-in. Now why is that thatafter knowing you are NOT allowed in Dataran Merdeka you yet FORCED your way in? Does that sound like you are a "PEACEMAKER" ? or does that sound just like very other idiot who is trying to provoke the other side?

And what did that cause? TEAR GAS!! And now people are so widely posting on FB oh they shouldn't have let go of the tear gas. Should have just arrested. What did it harm when they broke the fence and pass the cones to get into the Dataran Merdeka? THIS WAS THE HARM!! Idiots!! You wanted PEACE right? Why did you create WAR?

I also came across PLENTY of FB updates on their status which made me wanna puke! 
"Oh I feel so proud to be a part of this day where ALL Malaysians came together and this is what you call 1 Malaysia "

" This is what I call Malaysia spirit. Where everyone came together. And I was part of it. Such a memorable day for me"

You have got to be kidding me!! MALAYSIA's citizens can only come together when they wanna create a havoc on a perfect Saturday? When they wanna create disturbance? When they wanna break the rules into getting into Dataran Merdeka ?

Look at yourselves. Malaysia should be able to come together when we face stupid racial issues. Why the Chinese don't wanna back-up the Malays, vice-versa or the Malays back up the Indians, vice-versa? Three quarter of the time each and everyone one of you blame Malays la that's why this so-and-so singer can't come to Malaysia. Or "wow....wear sleeveless they say it's against Ramadhan. Why must it be a Chinese girl in the ad? 

Do you understand what I am trying to tell you folks out there? Don't be idiots who CHOOSE what occasion or issues to "come together" and let others slide. I bet you everyone at the so called PEACEFUL rally yesterday as enemies amongst each other. Or have argued over FB about some racial FB updates. Hahahaa it amazes me how I see so many bloody racial comments everyday and trash talks everyday but no one did a RALLY on stop RACISM but all so freaking BUSY on this thing which we know would not and never will change no matter how much you try. 

Look in the mirror and stop your daily crap FIRST then go for the next rally and create a difference. Not make other countries in the globe look at us and think we are such hooligans and disgrace and what thing that irritated me the most is some parents brought their under 21 years old KIDS to stupid rallies like BERSIH 3.0  where they jeopardize the innocents lives.

Sunday Morning !!

Was craving for breakfast. Wanted to eat KoKo-Crunch with milk. Woke Dianah up to follow me to Giant and grab some breakfast. As usual, the sloth took bout half hour to actually respond to me and another 15 minutes to get up. So annoying.

As I was forcing her to go get her shower, Murshid had to be awake and ready to go out. That means bye bye car....And Dianah had the nerve to ask me "so, we going breakfast not?" How are we suppose to go?? The car is gone right??? God!!! Now, I am in my room, so hungry and no food! Mom? She's out with her work. Dad? hmm....sleeping! Plus, he will never let anyone drive his Benz.

Now, my tummy is so tempted for cereal. Thanks to Ikhwan Sha for saying he had cornflakes with milk for breakfast and now thaks to Dianah for just not getting up on time. What a way to start my Sunday morning. Oh and wanted to make coffee. Guess what!! Yup correct!! No Coffee

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Have been so busy with work and promoting Ikhwan Sha's newly released book. Anyways, just wanted to update here as well that for the first 100 customers, we are giving you FREE postal upon your order. 

Hurry and grab yourself a copy now. The best part about purchasing it directly from us is, *teng teng teng* the author himself will sign the book for YOU upon request. Wohooo....

Would appreciate the support. Plus, Hang Nadim 1525 is DAMN awesome!! Thank you

Friday, 13 April 2012

Hang Nadim - 1525 by Ikhwan Sha

To all my beautiful readers out there. The secret I have been longing to tell and share since August of last year. I have not started bogging at that time actually But who cares!! Here it goes. 

Effective today, Friday, the 13th April of 2012, my Fiance' , Ikhwan Sha is officially a published authour under Millionaires Planet - Azizi Ali if you don't know who he is obviously you don't read and support local books

Anyway, here is how it all began. Ikhwan is a fantastic writer and I seriously mean it. I read all his work and was so taken back by them. Even his Aswara lecturer's and friends. He found his talent and I was so proud. So what did I do? I quietly researched all top publishers in Malaysia to help him make that dream of his come true. He was too.... I dunno what do you call it but I knew his talent had to be discovered.So me being me...started doing work and research and sneaking around a lot.

And the first person we emailed to was Millionaires Planet and within a day we got a respond saying they loved the first 3 chapters and the synopsis and would like to extend Ikhwan a contract to be published under them. I was screaming with joy and him on the other hand controlling his cool. I was not surprised actually I mean hey I read the 1525 Hang Nadim in November the completed one. Sorry his lover gets to read the unpublished manuscript copy first before anyone does. So anyway, that was the FIRST Malay novel I have EVER read and I was touched by the story in so many ways and was so hooked into it. I was honestly shocked that he was THAT good.

So he began writing 24/7 to complete the book. He completed it by October towards November 2011. I know!! He fast so into it and wanted his book published fast. So he wrote and wrote the entire book 680 pages in almost 3 months. 

And since November 2011, the book has been in the editors hand to do any typo errors or stuff. And we have been getting updated emails on the status and all and FINALLY today, we received an email that it is done ready and out. 

You can purchase the books in any store in Malaysia or even via online the link I gave above or you could even purchase directly from us. And fret not. The both of us are coming up with a PROMOTION for his new buyers on his book. It retails at RM39.90 and we might have a SPECIAL EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT so stay tuned to that! Nonetheless, see below for his Book Cover & a short Synopsis. Oooh and help us LIKE 1525 Hang Nadim on Facebook. Love ya all!! 

Novel ini mengandungi sebuah lagenda agung yang menyimpan sebuah rahsia yang sekian lama cuba dibuang jauh oleh para penjajah kerana gerunnya mereka jikalau Melayu bangkit membela bangsa.
1525 – Sudah  hampir  lima  belas  tahun  peperangan  antara  Melayu  dan  Portugis  berlanjutan  tanpa  ada  kesudahannya. Raja  Portugal  telah  lama  memecat  wizurainya  di Melaka. Lantas  digantikan  dengan  seorang  wizurai  baru  yang  sudah  bersumpah  sejak  dari  kecilnya  untuk  menghapuskan  nama  Islam  dari  muka  dunia  ini. Maka dipersiapkannya  sekalian  bala  tentera  yang  maha  hebat  untuk  menghapuskan  jalur  keturunan  Kesultanan  Melayu  Melaka  yang  ketika  itu  berkerajaan  di Bentan, membawa sebuah  armada  yang  tersangat  besar  yang  tidak  pernah  dilihat  oleh  dunia  sebelum  ini.
1525 – Satu  tarikh  yang  cuba  dilenyapkan  dari  nukilan  sejarah  bangsa  Melayu.Pada  tahun  ini  telah  berlaku  beberapa  peristiwa  yang  tidak  sesekali  mahu  dikenang  oleh sekalian  penjajah, dan  juga  sekalian  keturunan  raja-raja  Melayu…

About The Author:Ikhwan Sha merupakan seorang pengkaji sejarah, khususnya di dalam bidang Hikayat Melayu Lama dan Sejarah Kewujudan Manusia. Hang Nadim - 1525 merupakan novel pertama Ikhwan Sha di dalam usahanya untuk mengenengahkan sejarah Melayu di mata dunia, dan diharap dapat menjadi panduan anak-anak muda di masa hadapan. 

Friday, 6 April 2012

Burger Bakar - Wangsa Maju

Faiz my cousin told me about this famous burger bakar at wangsa maju, in front of Tbun Internet Cafe, about 2 weeks ago and I passed by there once with Ikhwan, Alif & Nurul but left after seeing the long queue. 

So today, after work, Mom decided to go check it out. When we got there, the line was already so long and I wasn't in the mood to wait. But mom said if we don't wait, we will NEVER get to try it. So yeah...we walked all the way to the back of the line. 

The stall only opens at 7.45 pm, but the line was formed at god knows what time cause we only reached there at 6.30pm and already there was so many people waiting in queue. Wonder what time the first person got there. Anyway, we were all waiting there till 7.45 for them to start giving out numbers. Yeah you read it right. Numbers, like in a bank. Wait for your number to be called but you place your order as they give you your number.

There are many types of set. Beef burger (bakar), Chicken Burger (fried), Beef bacon and cheesy sauce. Each set cost RM 7.50 and additional RM 1 for beef bacon & cheesy sauce, (like KFC cheesy wedges) each and every additional beef patty costs RM5.50 I think it's very expensive . Well, each set comes with a drink and 2 Frankfurter sausage. 

We ordered 9 Beef burgers with bacon and cheesy sauce,a-la-carte. Mommy things the sausage is a waste of money. Her exact words were"la..sausage yang biasa. Bukan apa.Waste money only and air pun merepek.". BIG family I have. Oh and their burgers are not cooked on the ordinary burger thingy all Ramli stalls use. But they actually use REAL BBQ set which is the gigantic one like what we see on TV. 

We were number 32 and guess how long it took us before we got our food. 2 WHOLE HOURS. We were there till 8.30pm. Oh and some reporter from The Star Newspaper was there and off all people in line he chose to interview mommy and me. *SHY* and took our pictures. :)

Couldn't snap a picture of the long line so "pinjam" photo from some other blogger. TQ

The owner/cook

Their banner

The staff preparing the burgers

Chicken Burger

Beef Patty NOT Crabby Patty wonder how that taste

More Beef Patty

Cooked Patties

Tower Burger - add as many patties as you want RM 5.50 each

A customer ordered 10 patties Tower

Count em' meat!!

My Cheesy Beef Bacon Burger

Dianah enjoying her burger - she doesn't know I snapped this

So, after eating it, I would have to give my review. And an honest one. THIS BURGER BAKAR IS SO OVERRATED!!! I rank it 3 out of 10. Yup 3!!! I felt like waiting for 2 hours in line was NOT WORTH IT. The beef patty had a weird moist taste, not in a good way, but in a yuckie way. I didn't even finish my burger. I ate the bun and threw the meat!

Will I go back for more and wait in line? HELL NO!!! Sorry. It's just not my cuppa-tea! But according to Dianah it was very good. Not to me. I think my favourite is still b.a road-side burger oblong kambing the one in front of 7-Eleven ,is so much better and I get it in 10 minutes. That also, I would just have to call their mobile and order from home and drive down which is like 2 minutes away and pick em' up.

But Ikhwan says he wants to try it. So I guess I will be going again. But I will wait in the car and let him line up and stuff his cute face! Love him so much! 

Sunday, 1 April 2012

GayMan in TopMan

I followed my lil cousin shopping on Friday after work. He was keen on buying a new hat *wondering why* . Anyway, we went to all stores and none of them had any that was as nice as TopMan. So this was what happened while I was in TopMan waiting for him to try the hat sizes and pay at the counter.

I noticed ALL the men who walked into TopMan were either gays or metro-sexual type. They were all dressed in the most ridiculous ways and oh dear god! I hope my brother and kids will never dress like those clowns. I mean ALL the men in the store, customers of course  were dressed like idiots. Maybe to some of you out there you might say "it's fashionable and bold" but call me old-fashion, I think its STUPID!

I managed to capture their outfits but please bare with the pictures as they are not so clear. No1 cause my camera sucks and No2 is cause I had to hide and capture these clowns without them realizing it. By the way, NO my cousin does not dress up like that. He was picking up a normal cap.