Saturday, 3 March 2012

Bubble That just wont POP!

Just came home from a long, I mean super long day for an outing. Met up with my sister for lunch. Had sushi at Ichiban then we (mom, Hani, Didi and me) went for HAIR treatment. After waiting and going through all hair steps and what ever creams, we chopped some of our hairs and went home.

Oh, before we went for the hair treatment, we were taking a stroll in Village Grocer and I found my door gift there and bought 110 pieces on the spot. Hahaha...Yes!! Door Gift , checked!! That was not the best part. The best part was, wait for it.....wait for it.....I found....

Reese's Buttercups Cereal !! 

I bought a box for Ikhwan to try. It was so expensive. I have never bought a cereal at RM25.00 for a box before. But it's okay. Just this once. To try. Mom bought one more box for the family to try too. But I wanna wait and eat mine with my sayang. So exciting.

So , back to my story. After the hair treatment, we went home. BUT was stuck in a massive jam. As we were about to reach home, my younger brother called and said his bus has arrived in KL and so we continued the journey to Putra Station. Again, stuck in the massive jam.

Picked him up and all....about to reach home, my other brother called (no no...he is at home) and said he wants McDonald's for dinner. So what did we do? Continued the journey to McDonald's and then as usual, got stuck in traffic. I felt like I was in this huge bubble that won't pop. Weird I know! But since young my sister and me had this wild imagination with us being in a huge bubble that won't pop if we can never reach the place or destination we want to go to.

I just came home, after eating my dinner. And showing everyone my door gift ( dad asked for 2 cause he said he HAS to try if it is delicious. Guess you know it is FOOD) Dad was so annoying. Not like he never ate / tried it before. Pfft. Had to give him 2. Luckily we bought 10 extra cause mommy knew the BOYS will ask some to try. True enough!  

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