Friday, 24 February 2012

You've got Mail

Came home. And I found THIS in the mailbox.

Then I became so excited cause immediately I knew who it was from. So I quickly called Ikhwan to ask him if I could open it fisrt or does he want me to wait to open it up with him. I mean both our names are on it. But Ikhwan failed to pick up my call. I called 3 times. "Aaaah " I thought to myself. Too bad he didn't answer. Plus I am certain he wouldn't mind. So...I

Yup! Opened it. It was so pweety!! I got even more excited. Again, I called Ikhwan. Still no answer. So then, I ....

Read it to myself with a huge grin across my face. Wishing I waited for Ikhwan. That way, I could share the moment with him. Our FIRST ever ENGAGEMENT card. Duh!! We have NEVER been engaged. Well not that I know off anyway. Sayang if you are reading this, the answer better be same as mine. The first!!!

for the wonderful, sweet and thoughtful card which flew all the way from your hearts to our hearts....It means so much to us to be receiving this card from the 3 of you. All all all the way from London. Hugs and Kisses to the 3 of you and a huge sloppy I mean serious sloppy one to Lil Kaila. Can't wait to see Kaila next year hope you guys can make it for the wedding. Plus I have confidently said to everyone I don't need to hire a make-up artist cause you will be coming. No preassure though *yikes*

Oh and YES...after half an hour, Ikhwan rang me back and I mentioned about the card and that I opened it. TOLD YOU he wouldn't mind. I love you !! Anyway, again to Aneta, Rudy & Lil Kaila, THANK YOU from Ikhwan & me! He will inbox you guys personally. xoxo 

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